Monday, September 24, 2007

DailyKOS FLASH! Conservatives a "Bad Fit" for the Internet
Republicans Keep Drooling on Keyboards


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by Mondoreb

After reading the latest for what passes as hard-hitting analysis over at DailyKOS, I'm forced to conclude: If the world were made up of timepieces, KOS would be the cuckoo clock. The KOSpiece is titled"Republican Cites Anonymous Blog Comment in Attack". The story begins by featuring a lurid account of Republican skullduggery. It continues with a quote for posterity.
By turning anonymous blog comments into objective, verifiable fact, republicans demonstrate again that they are amoral, and at war with reality.
Years from now, historians will cite this post as proof that when the mentally ill were deinstitutionalized during the 1980s, they later became employed as bloggers at DailyKOS. The article continues in a manner that reminds one of those sad people seen bitterly complaining and swatting at non-existent insects.
The fact that Simmons does not hate illegal immigrants as much as Hugo, is not legitimate. But it does go to the republican habit of using hate against unpopular minority groups to unite their base and thus win elections.
Using the Moonbat-English Dictionary, 5th Edition, the above quote was decoded. The English translation seems to be, "Some Republicans object to enforcement of the law". Ah, to live in a reality-based community! Where words like "hate" and "reality" have altogether different meanings than normally supposed. The daydream continued.
Look at the recent right-wing fad as of late to trash the blogosphere as being made up of left-wing extremists (such as saying that Jim Webb was "not a Daily Kos Democrat"). The reason is that the right is losing the war for control of the blogosphere. They were unchallenged before, with domination of talk radio and cable news. Now that we have a solid foothold in cable news (with Keith Olbermann) and control over the blogosphere, they are threatened.
One feels horribly out of touch to be ignorant of the latest fads. The author, politicaljunkie2008, then takes time out of his busy day being one of only three known Keith Olbermann viewers to wind up with a bang.
They have lost the war for the blogosphere, so they want to destroy what they can't control. Talk radio is a natural fit to the right wing mind, with its top-down structure and domination by a couple of people. The blogosphere is a natural fit to progressives, and not to conservatives. This is because the structure is bottom-up, and thus gives an equal voice to anyone, even unpopular and dissenting views. The right wont[sic] end its war on the blogosphere until they have destroyed it. We have to realize this.
This article should hearten conservatives everywhere. Despite predictions of the Republicans' impending doom, a strange and deadly power resides in them. Within a three-day period, the Right learned of evil 'right wing hitmen' who dogged Dan Rather; of the "assault keyboardists" battering poor Mary Mapes into submission; and now, politcaljunkie2008 fears the very "destruction of the blogosphere".

The Left feels real fear: it's evident in their furtive glances; their moist, sweaty palms. They see the vision unfolding before them as legions of right wing hitmen deploy, midnight assault keyboardist kick down doors and conservative madmen by the thousands plot the destruction of the blogosphere.

Politicaljunkie2008, DailyKOS and the entire left are afraid. And they have good reason for their fear. It can't be stopped. It can't be controlled. It's coming. And it's coming for Leftards wherever they live.

The lumbering, mindless, drooling hordes of Republicans are coming for you. You and your little tinfoil hat. - Bigger, Better!.
Death by 1000 Papercuts Front Page.

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  1. Most of the internet left are so mentally fossilized that every time they confront a new thought they risk a skull fracture.


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