Saturday, September 1, 2007


by MONDOREB ---The Conservative Spin

- - - --above: Democrats react to latest War in Iraq news. - - - - -

(Washington)--Partying "like it's 1976", Democratic Party leaders rejoiced Friday at, what may be, their last chance to declare "defeat" in the War in Iraq.
Leading Democrats seized on early news of a forthcoming report from the Government Accountability Office that Iraq has met only three out of 18 congressionally mandated benchmarks for political and military progress as proof
that the president’s strategy in Iraq is failing to deliver and a new direction is needed to end the violence.

Interupting a heavy schedule of funneling federal earmarks to members of his family, Senate Leader Harry Reid said, "The forthcoming GAO report offers a clear assessment that a new direction in Iraq must begin immediately". Forgetting that the 'Troop Surge' was a new direction that Reid had previously called for, aides rushed to ensure that the senator had taken his daily Altzheimer's meds.

above: A Senate staffer for Henry Reid(D-Nv) prepares for upcoming Senate debate.

Stores in the DC area reported a run on champaign and fireworks, as Democrats scurried to celebrate US defeat before having to confront the much more disheartening news of possible victory later this month.

In other news about the Democratic drive to counter the more sobering victory reports, Washington, DC, police reported an "unusually heavy amount" of Democratic staff DUI (driving under influence) arrests Friday evening.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said the report appears to be more negative than a July White House report on progress in Iraq, adding that President Bush is continuing to “stubbornly” refuse to change his strategy.

above: Picture of helicopter evacuating Saigon. Democratic Congress "vows that America not forget our last great foreign policy defeat. We worked for it, it's ours."
Citing the "lessons we painfully learned from Viet Nam", Democratic Congressional leader Nancy Pelosi Friday promised to "not quit in our struggle" to bring defeat in Iraq home to "every last man, woman and child in this great country of ours".

Democratic leaders announced late Friday evening that a candlelight vigil would be held next Tuesday to honor "past leaders of the Democratic Party, who held steady in their resolve not to let concepts of honor or victory deter us from our winning policies of defeat, both home and abroad."

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