Tuesday, September 25, 2007

FOLLOW-UP: Ahmadinjad at the UN


by Mondoreb & Little Baby Ginn

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad certainly didn't leave his fans disappointed. The Iranian madman lived up to his nickname, dishing out "red meat" rhetoric to Radical Muslims, Congressional Democrats and anti-war peace activists. Ahmadinejihad then went after Israel, calling them a “brutal Zionist Regime,” claiming they have been terrorists and occupiers of Palestine for over sixty years.

He further claimed that the Israelis have been kidnapping Palestinian “scientists,” taking them off to secret prisons. Echoing the Nancy Pelosi Democrats, he ranted about illegal wiretaps, intercepting mail, and that the Israelis were entering Palestinian homes and murdering them in their sleep.

The most interesting parts of his speech had to do with his messianic vision of what the future holds for Iran, Israel, the United States and the world. Weaving a tale of the twelveth Imam, the Mahdi, and repeatedly referring to "Monotheism", he told the UN what he had previously stated at the conference below.

-- In his speech at the annual International Seminar on the Doctrine of Mahdism, held in Tehran August 25-26, 2007, Ahmadinejad stated that Western dominance has come to an end, and called on the nations of the world to rebel against "the oppressive imperialist powers" in preparation for the coming of the Hidden Imam:
"The Hidden Imam is heir to everything that has been good and beautiful throughout history, and the call [to await his coming] is a call [to have faith] in the missions of the divine prophets, in monotheism, and in justice... In these days, humanity longs for monotheism and justice. With God's grace, the [preparations] for a flood of compassion, truth and justice will soon rule.
And more of the same.
On August 29, 2007, Ahmadinejad said, "The Iranian nation and the Islamic Revolution have a pivotal role in preparing the ground for the coming of the Hidden Imam... We must rapidly develop Iran in order to create the [right] conditions for his coming, and we must also help the rest of the world's nations [to prepare for his return], in order to precipitate this great event..." [4]
The responsibility that currently rests on Iran's [shoulders] is very heavy; it is the kind of mission [with which] the divine prophets [were entrusted]. It does not permit us to rest or slumber even for a moment. Have you ever seen a prophet take a rest from the fulfillment of his mission?..."
Does Ahmadinejad believe himself to be the facilitator of the Apocalypse? Going against the grain, a James Dean-like "Prophet Without a Clue"--only with nuclear missiles? He's made no secret of what he plans to do with nuclear weapons once he obtains them. Nuclear annihilation for Israel and suitcase nukes for the United States and any other country that gets in way of his vision.

From MadhiWatch.org
al-Mahdi is "the rightly-guided one" who, according to Islamic Hadiths (traditions), will come before the end of time to make the entire world Muslim. Over the last 1400 years numerous claimants to the mantle of the Mahdi have arisen, and belief in the coming of the Mahdi is increasing today, as evidenced by the such overt examples as January 2007's Mahdist violence in Iraq and the frequently-expressed public pronouncements of Iran's leader Ahmadinezhad, as well as more covert examples such as the whispered claims that Usamah bin Ladin might be the Mahdi. This site will track such Mahdi-related claims, aspirations, propaganda and beliefs in the both the Sunni and Shi`i parts of the Islamic world, as well as other eschatological yearnings in a Muslim context.
Ahmadinejad had not been crafty or sly. He has shown his cards to the world. More on his speech.
Early in his address to the UN General Assembly on Tuesday, Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad repeated and elaborated on the charges he had levelled at Columbia University on Monday against Israel - which he called "the illegal Zionist regime." He told the assembled world leaders that the people of Palestine had been punished for 60 years for what had happened in Europe. They had been held "under occupation of the illegal Zionist regime," he said. "The Palestinian people have been displaced," he went on, "incarcerated under abhorrent conditions." They were being deprived of water and medicine "for the sin of asking for freedom."

Ahmadinejad accused Israel of terrorism and castigated "the brutal Zionists" for carrying out targeted assassinations. (From the Jerusalem Post.
In his mind, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is the Prosecutor for the Defense of the Caliphate. On Tuesday, he slowly and methodically presented his case to his jury, the UN and the world. He was not hurried as he laid out his case was for the destruction of the Jewish people and of Israel.

In Mahmoud's mind, he's already tried this case hundreds, maybe thousands, of times, and the verdict is always the same: GUILTY. The punishment is always the same: nuclear oblivion. And to any that survive the Mad Iranian Hanging Judge, their punishment: Thirty Days in the Electric Chair.
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