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by Mondoreb & Little Baby Ginn

Boiling down Ted Koppel's take on the $70m Dan Rather lawsuit against CBS, it comes down to one sentence: Bird of a feather and all of that. Koppel, late of ABC, sticks close by his comrade-in-arms. $70 million might not soothe Dan's ruffled feeling, but it's a start.
Calling the ouster of Dan Rather from CBS News in 2006 a “travesty,” newsman Ted Koppel said today that he hopes the $70 million suit filed by Mr. Rather against CBS and Viacom will bring Mr. Rather “relief from his [emotional] pain.”

Newspeople show how different they truly are from the rest of us, the small, insignificant TV-watchers who pay their inflated salaries. A "band-of-brothers" mentality apparently permeates the Network News World.
Mr. Koppel said he “hurt” for Mr. Rather, whom he characterized as a friend. Addressing the “60 Minutes” report about President George Bush’s National Guard service that preceded Mr. Rather’s departure from CBS, Mr. Koppel said the story was “much more correct than incorrect.” Mr. Koppel said that those responsible for the incorrect parts of the report deserved to be chastised and punished.
Ted "hurts". How sad. Does Ted also "hurt" for the people wronged by Dan Rather? NewsBusters takes a little deeper look than Ted does. It's not such a pretty black-and-white picture they see.

Apologies are almost mandatory after reading this. Apologies because one feels bad for not "hurting" along with Ted. Who 'hurts' for Dan Rather? Other than Ted and Katie and Keith. One suspects nobody among the regular Joes paying the freight. One suspects nobody at all outside the cozy, chummy social club that network newsreaders call their own.
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