Sunday, September 23, 2007


Little Baby Ginn & Mondoreb

Fires have been raging out of control in Syria since Wednesday. Serious fires covering the northern part of the country continue to burn.

From YNet News:
Four firefighters died battling forest fires that have been raging in northern Syria since Wednesday, the official news agency said on Saturday.

Planes from neighboring Turkey had joined Syrian teams to try to contain the fires, which had spread to the area around the main road between the trading hub of Aleppo and the port of Latakia on the Mediterranean, the agency said. (Reuters)
The mind boggles, questions abound.

Does this have anything to do with further secret Israeli raids?
Could the reason the fires are so hard to contain be that it may be nuclear material- or chemically related? Is this another radioactive or WMD dot to connect in this suddenly explosive story? - Bigger, Better!.
Death by 1000 Papercuts Front Page.


  1. I did not know there were forests in Syria. And to think they disappeared in my life time. Shucks. I can hardly keep from smiling.

  2. PAT YOU are absolutely right! hahaha...we were trying to get included in the discussion links off a news wire (we did!) and we were up against the wall on time. I grabbed the first really good-looking fire pic I could find!

    Good call!


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