Saturday, September 29, 2007

More Bad News for the Left


by Mondoreb[CNN photo]

September has proven to be a month of unrelenting bad news concerning the War in Iraq--for the American Left and the Democrats. From CNN:
A U.S. military commander Friday reported the death of a senior al Qaeda in Iraq leader, a Tunisian who was considered the "emir of foreign terrorists in Iraq."

U.S.-led coalition forces killed militant leader Abu Usama al-Tunisi on Tuesday in Mussayib, south of Baghdad, said Army Brig. Gen. Joseph Anderson, speaking to Pentagon reporters via teleconference from Iraq.
Insurgents killed, tough but significant American gains, Iraqi tribes switching allegiance to the US, the Petraeus Report, figures of 19000 enemy combatants killed--and now this. Another terrorist leader killed in Iraq.

This good news for U.S. troops is bad news for Code Pink. The anti-American Left is being forced to ask some hard questions. "Did we back the wrong horse," "Weren't the Iranians supposed to be helping out here," and "What's it going to take for the insurgents to start winning again"? Any day now, a Democrat-sponsored bill to help the seemingly-inept 'militants' might be expected.
Anderson called the death "a significant blow" to al Qaeda in Iraq -- a Sunni-dominated militant group that takes its inspiration from Osama bin Laden's al Qaeda.
Like a schoolyard bully who's been picking on the little kid, only to discover the kids's much larger and more powerful older brother behind him, the anti-war crowd is suddenly shocked and disturbed. One telling bit information from the above report.
Military commanders have said the leadership in the Iraqi group includes many foreigners, while the rank-and-file members are Iraqis.
Google "civil war in Iraq" and one gets over 16.3 million results. The Mainstream Media has been unwavering in their reportage about this Bush blunder into something that has no solution. It's a bizarre 'civil war': where the leaders come from other countries and the Iraqi people complain of being killed by foreigners.

More good news for U.S. troops resulting in: more hands wrung in torment on the Left, louder and more strident anti-war rhetoric receiving more coverage in the MSM. Also expect to see Democrat presidential candidates, dancing like angels on the head of a pin: performing the 'Talking-Point Polka', in an attempt to deal with continuing good news coming from Iraq.

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