Monday, September 10, 2007

Petraeus Report: The Only War Democrats are Willing to Fight


The Left's usual, reliable poodles are yapping again. This time, they're nipping at the heels of the upcoming report by General Petraeus on the situation in Iraq.

Fueled by this ad in the New York Times this morning, the LA Times, Yahoo News, and like-minded MSM toadies, the 'surrender drums' are beating louder for a US defeat in Iraq, by any means necessary. It's a steady, unrelenting, unyielding, never-ending 'BOOM, BOOM, BOOM' from Leftards desperately needing, yearning, aching for a US defeat--any US defeat. They would support another invasion of Viet Nam if they were assured that US troops would die and we would run away.

If a US defeat might be possible, Harry Reid couldn't be pried away from it with a truckload of earmarks. On Friday, The Pride of the Democratic Party weighed in on General Patraeus:

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid got personal, questioning Petraeus' credibility:
"He's made a number of statements over the years that have not proved to be factual," Reid said. "I have every belief that this good man, General Petraeus, will give us what he feels is the right thing to do in the report that is now not his report. It's President Bush's report."

So, a senator who bankrolls half his family on US Senate Pork, paid for by US taxpayers, is pronouncing moral judgements on a military man who's risked his life so that Reid can throw one more syncophantic log on his payroll fire? Am I the only one that thinks this is Democratic Buffoonery at it's most absurd?
Reid hungers for defeat as a crack whore hungers for a $10 trick. It's disgusting to watch. Even more so, it's a certainty that Reid the Meek would be leading the Democratic Whine Brigades should another terror attack hits the US.

He'll primp and skip in front of the cameras. "Why didn't we do more", he'll demand in front of the Running Dog Media. And the Peace Movement will march in support of anything they hope will defeat America: the country that's made it possible for them to march--thus giving meaning to otherwise unfulfilled, meaningless lives.

I expect the goofy, aimless Peace Movement to do their thing during times of war. Without the War in Iraq, they'd be nailing themselves to trees or hunger-striking for 'Rainforest Whales', or agonizing over whether they should have the mocha or the double latte.

And I expect to attack America: it's what they do. If I were a billionaire, ala George Soros, I'd probably seek meaning to my life, too.

But to the men and women in the US Senate and Congress: laboring at comforting America's enemies in a time of war; slandering those who risk their lives defending this country; sacrificing the defense of the USA for partisan gain; to you I say:

"A particularly hot place in the inner ring of Hell eagerly awaits your wretched demise."

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  1. Lord help me, for I truely hate moonbats, want to see horrible things happen to moonbats, want to do horrible things to moonbats.

  2. The conduct of the Democrats was disgraceful. Infantile or immature would be almost complementary characterizations.

  3. They ought to take these Democrats and Peaceniks and drop them off in Iran. Then turn the whole place into a parking lot. That is a plan.


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