Saturday, September 15, 2007

OTHER COUNTRIES ARE WATCHING US: It's A Global War on Terror Not A U.S. Crime Problem

by Mondoreb

MEMO TO: Congressional hand-wringers, consciensious objectors in the War on Terror, and judiciary buffoons.
COPY TO: Democratic National Committee.

What happens in America doesn't stay in America.

Other countries watch what we do--closely. In their own battles with jihadis, other countries look to the U.S. for leadership: not France, not Germany, not China.

The following story, from today's Manila Standard Today, reminds us that the War on Terror is worldwide. The Filipinos are at war. The country is actively fighting real battles and losing citizens daily to Muslim extremists. They are very interested in what happens in the U.S. concerning the War on Terror.
SAN JOSE, California—A federal judge is considering whether to grant bail to a California man who is accused of having ties to a terrorist group in southeast Asia that has been associated with Al Qaida.

Federal prosecutors have opposed granting bail to Rahmat Abdhir, arguing that he poses a “danger to the community,” even though that community is 12,000 kilometers away. They have asked a judge to keep him in a San Jose prison pending trial.

Other countries surely are dismayed and puzzled about what they perceive to be a "catch-and-release" policy that puts terrorists back in play.

Terrorists murder Filipinos every day. When an ally catches one, they breathe a little easier. When the U.S. releases one, they have to be shaking their heads.
US District Judge Jeremy Fogel said he would decide next week whether to release Abdhir on bail. Abdhir, 43, a US citizen of Malaysian descent, is accused of sending more than $10,000 and military gear to his brother, who is believed to be a high-ranking member of Jemaah Islamiyah, Al Qaida’s regional affiliate in Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines.

Authorities allege the brothers helped support the Moro Islamic Liberation Front, a separatist group fighting for autonomy for Muslims in the southern Philippines. The US government says the front has ties to Jemaah Islamiyah.

A quick search turns up former Gitmo detainees, released by the U.S. that have been detained, re-captured or killed in Pakistan, Denmark, Sweden, and Afghanistan.

When a terrorist is granted bail, flees and skips the country, he usually doesn't wind up jihad-free, sipping a Jack and Coke and comtemplating life on a white-sand beach somewhere. He turns up in another country and his kill-the-infidel ways are not likely mended.

He might even return to the Phillipines to murder an American ally's people. - Bigger, Better!.
Death by 1000 Papercuts Front Page.

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