Thursday, September 27, 2007


What Do You Think About War in Iraq?

by Mondoreb

Last week's Death by 1000 Papercuts' PAPERCUT POLL results are in. No surprises: our visitors overwhelmingly felt that the War in Iraq was a worthwhile venture. Almost, half [48%] had misgivings about how the War has been conducted, however.

Only 1% of Papercuts visitors felt the War was not worth it.

It was worth it but should have been fought differently 48%
I'd go to war with Hong Kong tomorrow, if it'd piss off the Left. 26%
It was worth it 18%

It was a Bush-Cheney-Halliburton conspiracy 5%

It wasn’t worth it 1%

The Zionists were behind it 0%
There’s a war in Iraq? 0%
Anything to get to watch more colorful Peace Marches on TV. 0% - Bigger, Better!.
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