Sunday, September 30, 2007

Prince Reza Pahlavi of Iran's Plan:


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by Mondoreb

Some on the Right suggest, "Bomb Iran!". Anti-war Leftists reply, "Give peace a chance, and anyway, America is evil!" Prince Reza Pahlavi of Iran spoke of another solution to the nagging problem of a nuclear Islamic Republic.
Reza Bayegan, in IranPressNews:
Last week Prince Reza Pahlavi of Iran who lives in exile from his homeland once again outlined his views on defusing the unprecedented danger threatening his country and world peace. He has expressed these views before but as the menace of confrontation with the Iranian regime looms increasingly heavier, the relevance and urgency of Reza Pahlavi's appeal is becoming more apparent.
The piece continues:
In an article published in Le Monde dated 21 September 2007 he points to a third way of encountering the regime in Tehran which is neither violent military attack nor appeasement.

According to Reza Pahlavi what can save Iran and the world from disaster is a synergy between the democratic struggle from inside the country on the one hand and the will of international community on the other. The regime needs to be crippled from within and isolated from without. Economic sanctions together with political pressure should be the focus of the international efforts and not preparation for a military attack.
The Iranian people's concerns, the Prince insists, are not building a nuclear capability, smuggling IEDs into Iraq or blowing up U.S. troops there. Their worries are more immediate.
The priority of Iranians who are submitted to relentless oppression and persecution of a brutal dictatorship is not how to respond to the nuclear challenge or to fight the adventurous foreign policy of the Islamic Republic. Issues of vital importance to Iranian people right now are daily violations of human rights, growing poverty and unemployment and the absence of liberty. He writes:
The prince, the IranPressNews states, is more popular back home than any opposition figure currently. Of course, popular opposition figures residing in Iran end up as dead opposition figures.

As news of Pahlavi's plan grows, it's likely to be attacked; perhaps by his father's old bane, former U.S. President Jimmy Carter. Unless the prince is prepared to condemn Israel or utter some kind words for Hamas. The closer Iran's mullahs come to acquiring a nuclear capability, the more U.S. and world opinion grows polarized.

It may be that a solution is found between the two extremes. But time grows short, as more people choose sides between the Bombers and the Peaceniks. - Bigger, Better!.


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