Sunday, September 30, 2007

War with Iran


[graphic by RidesAPaleHorse]

by Mondoreb

"And ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars: see that ye be not troubled: for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet."
Matthew 24:6 King James Bible.

Tensions rising, arms in Afghanistan from Iran seized, and now--news of a secret U.S. Air Force team preparing a strike against Iran. Another of the rumors of war certainly, but this rumor supplies names, dates, places and detailed plans of a 'Project Checkmate'.
Sarah Baxter, The Sunday Times, via The Iranpressnews
THE United States Air Force has set up a highly confidential strategic planning group tasked with “fighting the next war” as tensions rise with Iran.
Project Checkmate, a successor to the group that planned the 1991 Gulf War’s air campaign, was quietly reestablished at the Pentagon in June.
The article goes on: Detailed contingency planning for a possible attack on Iran has been carried out for more than two years by Centcom (US central command), according to defence sources.

It is led by Brigadier-General Lawrence “Stutz” Stutzriem, who is considered one of the brightest air force generals. He is assisted by Dr Lani Kass, a former Israeli military officer and expert on cyberwarfare.
In a free society, it's hard to keep a secret. And irregardless of ravings on the Left about the impending demise of the American Republic, the United States is still a free society. News of Project Checkmate is proof of this, should any be needed. A "secret project" written up in one of the world's largest papers is a project that isn't very secret.

The U.S. military is preparing for what may possibly be a war in the very near future. It's what they're expected to do. The press digs to uncover news, and these days, even news that may prove detrimental to a nation's defense. It's what they're expected to do. The anti-war bed-wetters scream that America is Nazi Nation. And that's what we've come to expect them to do. - Bigger, Better!.

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