Thursday, October 18, 2007

Courier-Journal Vs. The Truth:

McConnell Non-story A Dead Horse

by Mondoreb

Each spring, millions of dollars are wagered on the world famous Kentucky Derby. Louisville, home of the Derby, is also home of the Louisville Courier-Journal. That fact might explain the Louisville Courier-Journal's continuous flogging of a dead horse. The "McConnell's-aide-alerted-the-press-to-questions-about-Graeme-Frost" non-story fascinates these folks. Several days out and the C-J is still beating it, hoping to coax it across the finish line a winner.

From the Courier-Journal:
Mitch McConnell can't have it both ways.

He can't luxuriate in a reputation for personal caution and political control, yet claim he knew nothing about the role his office tried to play in sliming a Baltimore boy and his family when they came forward in support of the SCHIP health care expansion.
An aide to a Senator wants the press to look into questions concerning the boy prop used by the Democrats? How un-American!

One wonders what has the Courier-Journal more agitated: that McConnell would oppose more government expansion or that his aide would ask the usually-dependable mainstream media to look into a Republican concern.

There were legitimate questions about the Frosts. Asking those questions constituted "siccing reporters" on them in the Courier-Journal's eyes. Ask the press to ask questions? Of a Democrat proposal?
Heavens. Somebody grab the Constitution, McConnell's got gasoline and some matches.

The vote on S-chip takes place today. If Congress upholds the president's S-Chip veto, the Courier-Journal will probably beat this poor nag of a story some more.

You can bet on it.

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