Saturday, October 20, 2007

Che Guevara & His Venezuelan Monument::

Both Shot and Destroyed

[photo: AP]

by Mondoreb

His image is a staple on T-shirts and gatherings of revolutionary wannabes everywhere. One place the image won't be seen anymore is in Venezuela, where a monument to deadly revolutionary, Che Guevara, was destroyed Friday.

As posted at Little Green Footballs:
Apparently, there are some people in Venezuela who don’t agree with the idolization of a brutal Communist mass murderer: Glass Monument to Che in Venezuela Shot.
LGF is a master of understatement. More from AP:
A glass monument to revolutionary icon Ernesto “Che” Guevara was shot up and destroyed less than two weeks after it was unveiled by Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez’s government.

Images of the 8-foot-tall glass plate bearing Guevara’s image, now toppled and shattered, were shown Friday on state television, which said the entire country “repudiated” the vandalism. The monument on an Andean mountain highway near the city of Merida was unveiled Oct. 8 by Vice President Jorge Rodriguez and Cuba’s ambassador to Venezuela to mark the 40th anniversary of Guevara’s death.

So Che Guevara's monument ends up a lot like he did: shot up and ruined by the capitalists he sought to destroy.


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