Saturday, October 20, 2007

The Failed War on Drugs:

October Edition

by Hummmbert

Our October Special Edition of the "Failed War on Drugs" takes a look at all aspects of the second longest-running war in U.S. history. Only the "War on Poverty" is older.

1. For a ton of useful information, check out Drug Sense. They have accumulated a mountain of facts and statistics sure to interest any anti-drug warrior.

2. The Media Awareness Project: an archive of over 187,000 drug-related media stories from around the world.

3. Death by 1000 Papercuts own RidesAPaleHorse offers his look on what might be behind all the troubles that Britney Spears has suffered lately.

4. Media Contact on Demand: the internet's most comprehensive and versatile free media contact database.

5. Kilroy_60 presents USAppetites posted at Fear And Loathing - The Gonzo Papers.

6. RAPH checks back in with this look at who might get the munchies.

7. Does the War on Drugs include sugar addiction? therapydoc presents the Carnival of All Substances posted at Everyone Needs Therapy.

8. I include this one because you just know Bill Maher is high most of the time he's on TV. FitBuff presents Bill Maher Quotes on Health and Fitness posted at's Total Mind and Body Fitness Blog.

9. Another resource, this time for those looking to take up the fight. Drug Policy Central: DrugSense's web design and hosting service, which is amied at drug policy reform orgs hoping to increase or improve their web presence.

10. What can happen to those who run afoul of drug laws? Ian Welsh presents Prison Brutality posted at The Agonist.

11. RAPH looks at a possible result of the War on Drugs?

12. One last resource: The Community Audits and Initiatives Project: a comprehensive list of past municipal and regional drug policy reform initiatives.

That's this month look at the Failed War on Drugs. Next edition: November 17 2007. Have a link to something interesting about the War on Drugs? Send all submissions to:
All archives of this special edition are kept at: Failed War on Drugs.


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