Sunday, October 21, 2007

Clinton Dodges Rangel

Charley Rangel: Hillary’s Attack Dog?

By Little Baby Ginn

From the New York Daily Post:
Hillary Rodham Clinton is distancing herself from explosive comments by Harlem congressman Charles Rangel, a key power broker in her campaign, ripping rival Rudy Giuliani's personal life.

The story is that Senator Hillary Clinton is “distancing” herself from Charles Rangel, a key “powerbroker in her campaign.”

Interviewed by ABC News in Iowa about Rangel’s referring to Giuliani’s relationship with his son as “Sons respect and admire their fathers, but they love their mothers against cheating goddamn husbands” in tomorrow’s New York Observer, Hillary was asked is she had any response. She gave a curt, “I don’t.”

Phil Singer, Hillary’s campaign spokesman said, “these kinds of comments have no place in the campaign.”

Evidently they have a place somewhere with Hillary because she has refused to disavow them.

Rangel also spoke about Giuliani’s “personal problems” bemoaning that “it would have been better of Giuliani’s personal problems came up later in the campaign” and that “I’m (Rangel) sorry this damned thing turned out so early because, really, just like Kerik, (Rudy’s former aide), it would have bombed his ass out.”

I always find it interesting when someone “distances” themselves from someone else yet avoids the “disavowing” as if “distancing” gives one enough space from the original smear. The problem is that Rangel is part of Hillary campaign and Hillary is responsible for everything that occurs. Did Rangel forget that Hillary’s own husband is a long-term serial cheater? Is Rangel’s role to be the “attack dog” of the campaign? To go after Rudy’s “personal problems” and pass some sort of Democratic Double Standard on him?

The answer is yes no matter how “hard” Hillary tries to “distance” herself from Rangel.

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