Sunday, October 21, 2007

Sexual Misconduct a Plague in US Schools--And Elsewhere


by Mondoreb

Schools boards vote for contraceptives to be available to 11-year-olds in middle schools, any attempt at enforcing reasonable standards is met with an almost-instant lawsuit and sexual misconduct is a problem in schools? Who would have thunk it?

From CNN:
A young teacher in Iowa sheepishly admits that he fondled a fifth-grader's breast. But he doesn't lose his teaching license until one persistent victim and her family go public -- 40 years after the first accusation.

A middle school teacher in Pennsylvania targets a young girl in his class and uses the guise of love to abuse her sexually.

A teacher in Michigan, who'd already lost his license in another state, goes to prison after he films himself molesting a boy.

Along with the recent story of a child psychologist in NY being arrested for sexual misconduct, the above snapshots of individuals that children are supposed to trust are disturbing. Parents will demand better accountability, but the first step begins with better parental oversight of the things children see, watch and talk about at home. Another step will be taken when lawsuits diminish over the setting of standards and their enforcement.

Until then, it will be a circuitous problem. What behaviors beget what? And it's a problem that promises not to get better any time soon.


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