Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Dutch Public Broadcasting:

TV Station Linked
to Radical Islam

[photo:transaudio group]

by Mondoreb
[Hat tip: Pat]

One of the pitfalls of government-owned TV and radio stations is that taxpayers are forced to fund enterprises that are anathema to them. If something disagreeable is broadcast on a private station, they have the option of turning it off and not supporting the station, either by watching its offerings or by patronizing its sponsors. They have no such options when the government is taking money from their paychecks and running a broadcasting enterprise.

People are emigrating from the Netherlands as conflicts grow between the easy-going Dutch and their growing Muslim immigrant population. The assassination of Dutch film maker Theo Van Gogh was one example. The Dutch may soon be watching a viewpoint abhorrent to them on their tax-funded TV.

From Islam in Europe:
One of the members of the new board of directors is Yahia Bouyafa, who "is believed to have close ties to the Muslim Brotherhood," as Nova reported. Another is Abdelmajid Kayroun, chairman of the Al Farouq mosque in Utrecht "whose imam was deported from the Netherlands in 2001 for espionage for the Libyan secret service". Also among the eight directors is Mohammed Nanhekhan, a member of the "radical movement World Islamic Mission".
Another slice of the Europe which decries the actions of "American cowboys".


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