Sunday, October 28, 2007

Elimination Crisis:

If You Hate "Hate",
The Left Hates You

by Mondoreb
Oh, to be a Leftist blogger! No connections to reality to slow down the rhetoric! No need to resort to reasoning! Just the free, unfettered flow of feelings flushing your face with flecks of frothy fantasia!

Some delusional Delirium Tremens from Sadly, No!Sense:
For Long Island’s lunatic race-baiter Pamela ‘Atlas’ Geller Oshry, what started last week as a two-day jaunt across the pond to drink a few Flirtinis, slur some Arabs and bash out a few choruses of the Horst Wessel Song, has turned into a living hell. For pony-tailed smooth jazzman-cum-paranoid bigot Charles Johnson, what left his keyboard as an uncharacteristically lucid post about non-imaginary fascists, has returned painfully in the horrific guise of a woman scorned.
One of these days, the Left will get around to detailing the Hate Crimes of LGF's Johnson. It will be an easy post for Left bloggers to write, as it will be a blank page.

Another story they might well concentrate their gerbil-wheel-spinning energies on, "What the Left Hates about Charles Johnson" will be much more meaty. It will include, as "Exhibit A", Johnson's exposure of the chummy relationshiop between Islamofacsists and the Left. "Exhibit B" might be LGF's relentless attack on the Left's insistence on shouting down those they disagree with by labeling them; perhaps as a, oh, "jazzman-cum-paranoid-bigot".

"Racist", "Nazi", "knuckle-dragger", "jazzman-cum-paranoid-bigot": just another day at the blog for those disagreeing with any Left Wing bloggers with the DTs.

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