Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The HLF Mistrial & The NY Times:

How About a Serious
Discussion For Once

by Mondoreb

The Holy Land Foundation mistrial was seen in the New York Times as an exoneration. But was it? Or was it a signal that a different approach is needed. Libertarians, War on Terror warriors and others will now square off.

From the New York Times:
A federal judge declared a mistrial on Monday in what was widely seen as the government’s flagship terrorism-financing case after prosecutors failed to persuade a jury to convict five leaders of a Muslim charity on any charges, or even to reach a verdict on many of the 197 counts.

The case, involving the Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development and five of its backers, is the government’s largest and most complex legal effort to shut down what it contends is American financing for terrorist organizations in the Middle East.
The story goes on to hint that the trial was a failure for the proscecution. Although there will be many takes on this, Lawhawk's is one of the best I've read. He provided a blow-by-blow account and provides a different conclusion:
This was not a stunning defeat, but it definitely is a wakeup call for the Justice Department to do a far better job prosecuting these cases than it has up til now.

This is yet another example as to why you cannot simply trust the law enforcement approach to solely defend the nation against terrorism and terrorist attacks. HLF was busy providing aid and comfort to enemies that seek to do America and its interests harm and because all the members of a jury could not find guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, a mistrial had to be declared.
As Lawhawk sums up, this is not innocence, no matter how hard the Islamo-apologists spin it. The cheers at CAIR, the New York Times and Hamas notwithstanding, they were not declared "innocent", although you can bet that you'll hear plenty of that in the coming days.

Civil liberties must always be guarded, but so must the country. When agents of a foreign group that is working against America operate in this country, they have to be brought to justice. This is different from hauling the Average Joe up in court.
The next 9/11 incident to occur in the U.S. will silence the CAIR crowd as long as the victims are being shown on TVs; then the attacks on any who want to take action will resume.

It's just more proof why the Left/Islamofacsist alliance wants the War on Terror to be fought as a crime problem instead of what it is: an attack on America, her citizens and her interests.


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