Tuesday, October 23, 2007

DBKP Round-up:

Latest Reaction to Things We Wrote


by Mondoreb

We know how hard(?) we work here at jotting down our opinions. We thought we'd show just a little bit of the recent reactions to those opinions. We thought our readers might be interested. Well, at any rate, we're interested.

1-On Glenn Beck's "Handful of Haters":
He Said, She Said, ad infinitum? We had a beef with Media Matters quoting talk-show host Glenn Beck out of context. At issue was whether it was a fair portrayal of what Beck really said. We quoted JammieWearingFool:
It's Beck's opinion that some who hate America live in that area.
Is this even debatable?
These Clinton stooges forfeited all credibility in their most recent smearing of Rush Limbaugh.Apparently, these Stalinist punks have a hitlist they're working through, so this week, it's Glenn Beck. I'm sure he's quaking in his shoes.
The good folks at Alicu took issue with us:
Just some nut, right? Like this one, right? Surely the Serious People among them will go another way.
It all turned out for the best: we all had something to write about.

2-Dumbledore's Gay, Parents Less So put us squarely in the "Anti-Gay, Special "All Dumbledore" Version" catagory according to Comic Gays. We've never been accused of being anti-gay before, but we're all for new experiences. So Comic Gays is to be thanked.

Like the Twelve Days of Christmas, we were "[1000?] Wingnuts Frothing" over at Lean Left, where our observation that parents might be concerned about the Dumbledore outing caused some concern and a bit of dispepsia:
R-i-i-i-g-h-t. Children the world over are going to be “burdened” with “worry” that Albus Dumbledore’s sex life doesn’t meet this clown’s approval. The bit about “someone from her new circle” is incomprehensible, but he seems to be darkly hinting that Rowling has new gay friends that she didn’t have before she wrote the books. Because of course she couldn’t have had any then. Or something. And this is a problem . . . how? Oh, who cares?

3-Our post "Warning Over Oil Production Decline: Just Another Wrong Prediction got a reaction from the Wall Street Journal in an article about Chevron and Climate. We're just not exactly sure what was said, we're no longer a WSJ subscriber and you had to be to see the online article. Still, it's nice to see someone notice.

4-We got a nice shout-out from ltradio on the Randi Rhodes non-mugging:
But this wasn't enough. Oh no. You guys in the conservative blogosphere were crapping mountains with glee, wagging those self-important fingers with false pride about 'dem librulz is lyers.' What one will see, in browsing your various wingnut screech blogs, is a lot of crowing headlines like these:
Crapping mountains with glee? Well, we can't remember any Ex-Lax in our diets last week, but we're getting older.

5-Lastly, our Perfect Google Search Story about Tom Cruise and Marijuana Burrito got a line at MSNBC's Clicked. With all the Keith Olbermann vitriol we've unloaded recently, it's reassuring to know they're not holding grudges.

OK, that's it for today. Most days in this land of educational dysfunction: you're just glad someone is still reading.

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