Thursday, October 18, 2007

Perfect Google Search Story: Tom Cruise's Hang-over From Marijuana Burritos

Tom Cruise on Oprah:
Hung-over or on marijuana-laced burritos?

by Mondoreb & Little Baby Ginn

The legions of botox-injected Tom Cruise lovers might want to take another look at the Mission: Impossible star. Rumors have circulated that during a past appearance on Oprah, he was either hung-over or under the influence of marijuana-laced burritos.

When contacted about the hang-over rumors, a Cruise spokesman said, "I love Tom Cruise. I just love him. But he isn't available for a statement. He's in Iraq, trying to do something about the car bomb problem over there."

What's up with all this?

A story from the New York Post revealed the top Google Search terms.
-- Internet users in the U.S. frequently use search words that might make for a wild Saturday night but an uncomfortable morning, according to statistics provided by Google Inc.

"Hangover,""Burrito," and "Marijuana" are among the frequent words that Google processes for Americans. Also at the top: "Iraq," "Tom Cruise," "Love," "Botox" and "Car bomb."
This is Death by 1000 Papercuts' shameless attempt to write the perfect Google Search story. One that will show up in millions of future searches.

NOW: after all that, I feel like a have a hang-over. I need break. Think I'll go have some of those marijuana burritos.


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