Thursday, October 18, 2007

PETA Protesters:

Semi-Nude, Bodies Pierced & Spray-Painted

by Mondoreb & Ginn

Gotta hand it to PETA: the animal rights organization knows how to draw attention. PETA proponents protested semi-nude, hung from hooks, and colored their bodies to call attention to the plight of fish.

From Signs on San Diego:
OCEAN BEACH – Nudity and self-mutilation tend to draw crowds, which explains why a few dozen folks took a break from their noontime activities yesterday to watch the latest PETA protest in Ocean Beach.

PETA – the animal-rights group whose acronym stands for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals – organized the protest to call attention to the pain that fish suffer when they are hooked by fishing lines.

What better way to illustrate the point than to have a group of semi-nude street performers attach meat hooks to their flesh and then dangle from a scaffold?

One of the street performers – clad only in underpants, her body spray-painted in green and other ocean hues – drew a series of “uuuughs” and “ohmygods” from the crowd as she hung suspended over the ground by an industrial-strength hook attached to the skin on her back.
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