Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Kucinisch Sees UFO:
Reaching Out to Others?


by Mondoreb & Little Baby Ginn

First, Rudy Giuliani addressed the invading space alien issue. Now, Democrat candidate, Dennis Kucinich, is the latest to address the "life-on-other-planets" quesiton. He's seen a UFO, it's claimed. From Cleveland .com:
Democratic presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich has seen a UFO, writes Shirley MacLaine in her new book, "Sage-Ing While Age-Ing."

Kucinich, she writes on page143-144 of the book, "had a close sighting over my home in Graham, Washington, when I lived there. Dennis found his encounter extremely moving. The smell of roses drew him out to my balcony where, when he looked up, he saw a gigantic triangular craft, silent, and observing him. It hovered, soundless, for ten minutes or so, and sped away with a speed he couldn't comprehend. He said he felt a connection in his heart and heard directions in his mind."

Representatives of Kucinich's presidential campaign and congressional office have not responded to calls and e-mail asking whether the Cleveland Democratic congressman in fact saw a UFO or if there is another explanation for MacLaine's recollection.
One can't say that Kucinich isn't interested in reaching out. One also checks what his stand would be on legalizing marijuana.


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