Tuesday, October 30, 2007

I Survived Waterboarding And Other
Tales Out of the Left's Basement

It has the smell of a middle school science project. We have a hypothesis and an experiment by a Junior Left Science Club member. One that he might pull off in his parents' basement. As he explains it:
I was thinking about the AG confirmation and how Mukasey isn't certain that waterboarding constitutes torture. And then I started thinking about how Rudy Giuliani doesn't believe waterboarding is torture either.

So I figured I'd find out for myself. I mean if it isn't torture, it can't be that bad, right?

Let me tell you this, it's not pleasant. And we were operating under circumstances where we absolutely knew that the other person wasn't going to kill us with the technique.
Hot Air then picks up the scent:
“[I]f it isn’t torture, it can’t be that bad, right?” our hero wonders rhetorically before declaring it most definitely bad — and recounting how he went in for one, two, three, four rounds of the stuff. Which, incidentally, was fewer than his brother managed. A possible alternative standard: If it is torture, you probably wouldn’t be so willing to have it done to you.
Hot Air provides a video of another water-boarding experiment, that of Fox's Steve Harrigan. Neither Harrigan nor the JLSC member doesn't seem much the worse for wear.

But--boy!--did he come up with a Certified Left conclusion.
So yeah, it's torture. And if Rudy or Dick Cheney or anybody else doesn't think it is, well, I'd like to see how they would react if they had it done to them.
And there are members of the Right Wing Blogosphere who don't want to give the Left any style points for originality.

It'd be original if the Left spent 1/10th the time trying to recreate the victims of terror's experience: being blown to bits, fingers and hands chopped off, the beheadings. Perhaps they might bring a more useful perspective to the discussion of what constitutes torture.

Of course, all that would really mess up the basement.

by Mondoreb

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