Monday, October 29, 2007

Is Dobson-Hating Therapeutic?

The Religious Right is such an easy target. They believe in certain things, certain non-PC things. James Dobson is a licensed therapist? How can this be?
More therapeutic thoughts about a therapist from Kiko's House:
With Jerry Falwell dead and Pat Robertson acting more the fool with every passing month, Dobson is the only evangelical of the three who came on the scene during the Reagan administration with the avowed purpose of imposing their dogma on the Republican Party who remains truly influential.
Translation: Sticking up for what he believes; like Folsom Street Fair gays, Code Pink and KikoHouse screed scribblers.

The scribbler in this post would have us believe the following.
"A therapist who turns a critical diagnostic issue into one of his or her own beliefs in ways that their professional group does not agree with has to make a hard choice," one of the former board members said. "Are you true to your beliefs or to professional standards? A therapist cannot have it both ways and be faithful to both."
Because, you see, 'being judgmental' is the most severe of sins.

How the Republic survived its first 200 years with people practicing that blackest of arts, Christianity, truly amazes this observer. To the Kiko's House denizens, having such a belief system is anathema. Maybe the name should be Kiko's House of Authentic Therapy.

They would have you believe that having a belief system clouds therapists' judgment. Most probably clouds anyone's judgment.

Unless they are Kiko's House of Authentic Therapy.

[Originally, we'd styled it as "Kiko's (Nut?)House". Then we decided, while it had some polemic value, there was little therapeutic in that. So it was changed.]
by Mondoreb


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