Sunday, October 7, 2007

Let Us Now Turn To:

Page AK-47 in Your Sunday Steyn

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by Mondoreb

If it were 200 years ago, none of you would be reading this: you'd be preparing to go to church services, as all God-fearing Americans of that time did; and the Internet would have been regarded, and rightly so, as a tool of the devil.

There were no thoughts of jihad and depopulation. No thoughts of thugs with turbans, festive suicide bubbling up from their hearts. With this in mind, let us harken to another era: a time of quiet, uplifting prayer and meditation. And with great joy and thanksgiving, let us now turn to page AK-47 and join in a rousing rendition of Our Sunday Steyn.

Princess Diana, millionaire conspiracy theorists and the Royal Family are themes in right wing madman(RWM) Mark Steyn's story'Princess Diana's Murder and Islamoparanoia' for the Orange County Register.

The story concerns a London court which convened last week to consider whether, and/or if, Princess Diana was murdered, whodunit, and the consequences. Sinister theories abound, some having to do with the Royal Family and probably the CIA and Mossad as well. The 'religion of peace', like so much news from the U.K. these days, plays a part. One can't be blamed for wishing a weapon were near.
Look, I like a conspiracy theory as much as the next guy, and I'm entirely prepared to consider the possibility that Di got whacked. But not because she was dating a Muslim.

On hearing the news that the princess' new beau was a Mohammedan, the British establishment would have been more likely to pop the champagne than order up a hit team
A roller-coaster ride of narrative follows, taking the reader through some sordid details of the "People's Princess" life and death. A hard, sharp detour through the 2007 American political scene is next.
You see something similar in the persistent stream of e-mails from readers demanding to know why I don't refer to Barack Obama as "Barack Hussein Obama," that being his full dress handle. The argument is that, if you use his middle name, people will realize he's some sort of Indonesian madrassah alumnus, and his numbers will head south.

Well, his numbers seem to be heading south without any help from me. My correspondents might be better advised to demand that I start referring to Hillary Saddam Clinton. But that's not the reason I demur. Like Fayed, they're mistaking a virtue for a liability. If the Right were to start insisting that Sen. Obama is not the first African-American president-in-waiting but the first Islamo-African-American president-in-waiting, a big chunk of progressive voters would merely go: Wow! Even cooler.
After a few further twists and turns, with more one-liners than a Henny Youngman YouTube festival, the RWM demonstrates how the sad tale of Diana is a thumbnail of the worldwide strategic picture. How does he do it? Is it convincing?

The answer is worth another link. Say a prayer for the Internet, that you might read Princess Diana's Murder and Islamoparonoia in the comfort of your home. Finish your coffee. Flip the 'safety' off your gun.

Then take out that hymnal and sing.

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