Thursday, October 4, 2007

The MSM Dilemma:

When You're Playing to HAMAS,
Peoria's A Problem


by Mondoreb

CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC and NBC news programs all continue their ratings death spiral; big-city news dailies run non-story after non-story about 'how to compete in the age of the Internet' as their circulation figures decline; and, oldies-but-goodies Dan Rather Mary Mapes and Bill Moyers struggle to be relevant. Meanwhile, Chris Mathews and Keith Olbermann battle to find an audience bigger than those three guys with pony-tails who drink together while reliving the '60s down at the NixonSucks Pub.

We submit this morning, for your perusal, four little sniplets.

A few weeks after September 11, 2001, there was a flap on CNN about it's news personalities wearing flag pins. Something about they would be hard-pressed to appear to be objective in Palestine or Iran or elsewhere in the world, if they had American flag pins on.
Now, number two.
Mark Steyn commenting on Katie Couric's inability to use the word "we" when discussing the U.S. at NRO:
It does help explain one of Katie's sillier comments, a few years back when the space shuttle Columbia crashed. On the Today show, she saluted the fallen crew as follows: "They were an airborne United Nations - men, women, an African-American, an Indian woman, an Israeli…."

No, they weren't an "airborne UN". They were an airborne America. For a start, if there was such a thing as a UN rocket, the Israeli guy wouldn't get anywhere near it, except on a one-way ticket to establish the viability of Ahmadinejad's new designated homeland for the Jews on Planet Zongo. I doubt even an EU space shuttle would be eager to admit any astronauts from the Zionist Entity. As for the "Indian woman", Kalpana Chawla was the American Dream writ large upon the stars: she emigrated to the US in the Eighties and was an astronaut within a decade. There's no other country on earth where you can do that.
And finally, from a 2003 notice at Media Research
Bill Moyers sported a flag lapel pin on Friday night's Now on PBS, not to proclaim his patriotism and/or pride in the U.S., but to “take” the flag “back” which has been “hijacked and turned into a logo -- the trademark of a monopoly on patriotism.”

What do these little media observations, these sniplets and all have in common? They all help explain the ceaseless hand-wringing going on in Mainstream Media boardrooms all over America and the U.K. If you're trying to pander to a certain segment of your audience by running with a 'dis the US' slant, don't be surprised when a large portion of your audience turns elsewhere for their news coverage.

Except for closet masochists, who wants to be called a unenlightened, knuckle-dragging Nazi night after night? When the news mavens decided that they were going global and that Gaza and the NixonSucks Pub was more important than Peoria, Peoria became a lot less interested in the mavens and their various news enterprises. Peorias across America switched news brands.

And that is the fourth sniplet in this story.

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