Thursday, October 4, 2007

Pick 'Em

The Nazi Daily Double


by Little Baby Ginn & Mondoreb

Seems Hitler's a popular guy. Who said the following?
"If Joseph Goebbels, Hitler's famous propaganda minister, were alive today, he would be demanding extensive compensation from the media. Indeed, why not? This media is using his propaganda methods of premeditated and systematic lies, implementing them in toto without mentioning the inventor."
Today's mainstream media(MSM) is effectively being used in a way comparable to Hitler's propaganda machine. Views opposing the "Furor" are only allowed in a measure sufficient to present an artificial "fair and balanced" version of the news, in an attempt to keep "followers" from forming opinions that oppose the "Furur".
It hasn't been that long ago, when the Christian right found a way to justify killing millions of Jews, in Nazi Germany under Adolph Hitler. They rounded them up, put many of them on trains and shipped them to Gas chambers or Furnaces or both, located away from towns, to keep the stench away from Nazi population centers.
"Is this logic different from the rationale behind the Nazi propaganda led by Joseph Goebbels, with its motto, 'Lie and lie again, and keep lying, until something sticks to the minds of the masses or until you, yourself, come to believe it!?'
The first and last quotes are from the host of the Al-Jazeera TV talk show "Opposite Direction," Dr. Faisal Al-Qassim, reported in the Syrian media via MEMRI

The second and third are from a fantasy piece "Liberals: The Jews of the 21st Century "by Mike Taylor at TheDailyKOS

Syrian mouthpieces and DailyKOS bloggers: it's hard to tell the players without a scorecard.


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