Monday, October 22, 2007

Pakistan:15 Cellphone Shops Blown Up

Monday Terror Story #1

[image:sonof thesouth]

by Mondoreb & Ginn

Next time you hear a cellphone go off in the middle of a movie or some other "annoying cellphone moment", don't do what someone did in Pakistan.

From Pakistan Times:
KHAR: As many as 15 mobile phone shops were completely destroyed and two dozen others partially damaged when a powerful bomb planted at a busy trade centre went off here on Wednesday.

According to details, a two-storey mobile phones’ building at a busy Ittehad Market in Inayat Kalli was blown up when a powerful bomb placed there went off destroying some 15-phone shops completely and damaging two-dozen others partially.

Although no human life was lost in the attacks, cellphone users in Pakistan have to be concerned. Cellphone owners all over the Asian country were probably switching their ringers to "vibrate".

The question remains: Was this a terrorist attack or the work of someone extremely annoyed with cellphone users?


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