Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Four Famous Ghost Pictures

by Little Baby Ginn & Mondoreb

Everybody loves a good ghost story, so here's four pictures taken by ghost hunters over the years. A couple are quite famous. Ghost Hauntings has a full explanantion and both sites mentioned below have more pix on the subject.

From Idaho Ghosts the World Trade Towers 'face in the smoke':

Another creepy 'face from the smoke' picture:

The famous Newby Church ghost picture's next. From Ghost Hautings:

And lastly, another from Ghost Hauntings, this time the famous "Toys-R-Us Ghost". This last one was shot under extremely verifiable circumstances after the store suffered many strange happenings and a psychic was called in.

And that concludes today's Pixelaneous, a tour through four interesting ghost pictures. There's many more but these are the ones we found most interesting. Tomorrow's Pixelaneous is ?
PIXELANEOUS 10-15-07: Kissing Thrill-Seekers


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