Saturday, November 10, 2007

The 500 Hats of Stephen Boccho

Producer/writer Stephen Boccho has a wardrobe malfunction.

Upon entering Hollywood last time, one encountered a long line of traffic backed up at a huge police roadblock. As each car stopped, a pair of policeman approached the car. As one inspected the exterior of the vehicle, the other, through the opened window, handed the occupants some "items for your protection."

They were tinfoil hats.

The officer was thanked and the journey resumed. The protective devices the policeman offered proved to be too tight, cutting off the oxygen to the wearer's brain and were soon discarded.

Steve Boccho, creator of TV shows such as Hill Street Blues and others, apparently soldiered on under the reduced brain activity his hat produced.

If proof is needed, it comes from an article at Newsday in an article entitled, "Foreign Wars are Hollywood Hell". In it, Boccho relates his experiences producing shows featuring his particular view of history.
"It's a hugely unpopular war, and there's a staggering amount of depressing coverage," says producer Steven Bochco. Bochco's 2005 TV series "Over There," about a platoon of soldiers fighting in Iraq, lasted just one season. "TV is fully saturated with this war," he adds, "and I don't know if you can do a serious drama about this war and locate any angle that would overcome the negativity about it."
Mr. Boccho's "staggering amount of depressing coverage" apparently refers to increasingly positive news from Iraq about declining death tolls and al-Qaeda's retreat.

Boccho also shines his analytic flashlight of comparative history on another war:
..."World War II was hugely romanticized in terms of its fiction," Bochco says. "There were unambiguous villains, and the feeling we were fighting the right people over the right issues, as opposed to this war, which many people feel is misguided...
This is too much for the Purple Avenger, at Ace of Spades, who reveals that Boccho has traded his tinfoil chapeau for another one.
Steven Bochco is an asshat
What pray tell does this f*cktard find "ambiguous" about blowing up packed markets, school children, chopping heads, etc? Why are the perpetrators of such atrocities NOT the "right people" to have our armed forces engage, and why the f*ck is this NOT the "right issue"?

You want to know why Over There was a bomb Steven? It was a bomb because your morally devoid terror-sympathetic mindset couldn't possibly write something that would appeal to the population in general. Piss be upon you and I hope everything your fetid black hearted hand touches in the future becomes a bomb too.

But one suspects that even 100 bombs would fail to force Stephen Boccho to go hatless.

by Mondoreb


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