Sunday, November 18, 2007

Iran Military Site Rocked By Explosions

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The Foreign Affairs Committee Of The National Council Of Resistance Of Iran is reporting a story out of Iran that the "clerical regime is trying very to hard to prevent the news of the incident to leak."
NCRI - Yesterday afternoon (Tuesday, November 13) a series of explosions rocked Parchin Military Site (where missiles, including Cruise missiles, are manufactured) in southern Tehran. As a result, several military personnel of the site were injured.

The explosions reportedly started in missile industries section of the Site. When shrapnel of the explosions hit another sections, eight other warehouses located next to each other were engulfed in flames.

An interesting tidbit on the Parchin site:
The huge site is organized into 11 different projects for production of various weapons and munitions. Projects 4 and 11 are devoted to production of Cruise missiles; projects 1, 2 and 8 are devoted to chemical weapons production.

Parts of the Parchin site are devoted to conducting research on uranium enrichment using laser technology.

No word yet if the explosions were a result of the "ongoing" Zionist Conspiracy.

Source - Foreign Affairs Committee Of The National Council Of Resistance Of Iran

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