Monday, November 5, 2007

KOS Wishes For U.S. Economic Meltdown:

Treason is So Passe On the Left

Treason or Dementia?

It's hard to salute the flag when you're in a straitjacket.

John Hawkins at Right Wing News reveals one the thoughts of one brave KOS economic warrior and her solutions to what ails her world.
After spending half her diary comparing America to Nazi Germany, Daily Kos diarist
Granny Doc openly roots for an "economic meltdown" in America,

The parallels are undeniable, and I see only one solution if America, The Grand Experiment, is to survive.

I want to stand by and watch it all blow up.

I want the dollar to plunge to worthless paper.
I want the stock market to implode.
I want the economy to plunge into chaos.
I want the Chinese to call in all the debt they hold.
Without pausing for breath or thought, she continues at length in the same vein.

Poor Granny Doc! In America past, such talk would have earned her accommodations in a nice relaxing rubber room. There she could have calmed her fevered mind and contemplated how many buckles were on the nice white jacket that had been thoughtfully provided for her.

Something on the line of "I wrote this America-hating Screed and all I got was this lousy straight jacket."

Now she barely raises the attention of a few right wing bloggers looking for another "man bites moonbat" storyline. Is it treasonous to wish economic destruction on one's own country? Granny's too busy with rapturous thoughts of Americans selling apples and souplines stretching from Maine to Wisconsin to wonder whether a U.S. stock market implosion might set off an economic 'Big Bang'. No thoughts about treason wrinkle her well-furrowed brow.

Besides, treason is so passe on the Left.

Hawkins concludes with this advice to the obviously distraught Granny:
Granny Doc better be careful. If she keeps writing posts like this, even someone as influential as Kos won't be able to get her a job any better than Assistant Secretary for Tax Policy in the Treasury Department of a future Clinton Administration.
Granny certainly would be in the running. One wishes Granny well, if only because it is to her crowd that Democrats are increasingly paying attention. They are anxious to hear what the Granny Docs at KOS are saying, after all, KOS is the new Democratic center.

The Democrats might be surprised that many Americans don't know who KOS is, nor do they care. They might care more about the American economic meltdown that is wished on their country by KOS's Granny Doc. Many might decide that the new Democrat center no longer speaks to them.

Of course, for KOS, Granny Doc and many Democrats: it's hard to put your finger in the wind when your fist is always in the air.

by Mondoreb


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