Monday, November 5, 2007

NBC's NFL Green Moment:

NFL's Response is No Response

"Can you help me? I'm trying to find somewhere else to live.
Besides NBC, I mean."

The news of NBC's attempt to get an "NFL Greenest Hightlights" bandwagon rolling by Hot Air, sends off alarm bells in conservative NFL fans. The addition of Keith 'Barking When Not Raving' Olbermann to the sports team was something remedied by turning off the sound. Now that NBC Sports has come out of the Green Closet and turned off the lights, what's left?

From Hot Air:
Geez. Football used to be one of the few places on earth you could escape moonbattery and politics in general. But not anymore, at least not on NBC. Noooo. First they had to put Keith Olbermann in their coverage. And now they pull a lame green stunt on their pre-game show by turning off some lights.
Exactly. It's not enough that NFL fans pay through the nose for everything connected with pro football. Now their ears are forced to bleed, a natural reaction at having Left Wing political views forced on them during telecasts.

Contacting the NFL's corporate offices took a bit of digging, to secure the phone number. After some confusion by the switchboard as to who should be consulted, Human Resources was rung. Matthew Kinney was not at his desk, but another Human Resources number was provided. That too proved to be a dead end.

After switching gears, the NFL Media office was contacted, but a voice message informed the caller that Meredith wasn't available either. Meredith wasn't available on several other tries. Maybe out marching in a "Save the Polar Bears" parade?

Oh well. More attempts will be made later.

In any event, no NFL response was able to be secured on what the football big-wigs thought about NBC's game show tactics. It's just as well, the NFL's calculus, as well as ultimately, NBC's, is weighted toward profit. If enough people are annoyed by having environmental messages unsubliminally supplied along with their football, they may turn off or switch channels on their TV.

Turning off the TV may turn the lights on.

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