Monday, November 5, 2007

The Neo-Nazis,
The White Supremacists,
And BabbaZee--

Lizard Land Weather Report:
There's a Storm Front Coming

Oh BabbaZee! She's went and kicked over another anthill. Probably happened while she was stepping on some Neo-Nazi toes.

The site: Storm Front.
The thread: Psycho Jewess Is 'The Outraged Spleen Of Zion'
The topic: The original Renegade Jewtian Prophetess herself, BabbaZee, and the first two parts of her White Supremacist Neo-Nazi saga.

Someone's not happy in Neo-Nazi-land. Below are the posts to the Babba topic. It covers the range of modern White Supremacist/Nazi thought.

salvete amici starts the ball rolling with a rousing review of Babba, Charles Johnson and LGF:

[This seriously deranged jewess is a major player on the "influential blog" known as LGF,
It's a huge neo-con zionist site that is headed by a shabbos goy boy named Charles Johnson. He and others there hate WNs, love Jews, hate "islamists" and are Israel supporting, pro-war hawks in the extreme]
As a Lizard, one resents "influential blog" being placed in quotes; the quotes imply there's doubt mixed in there somewhere. amici goes on to quote a little Babba in the morning.
...The Odin's Cross is an internationally recognized NeoNazi trademark currently being (lamely) taqiyyed off by some as a Celtic Cross. This symbol is being used today only by by NeoNazis, white power movements and movements worshiping Odin which are also largely comprised of white power people. To boot, it is the symbol and masthead of Stormfront , the "White Nationalist Community"

Celtic Cross my ass. I see you.
amici thinks Babba is evil, a thought shared by any who have tried her specialty "White Power Pot Roast".
["I see you" Isn't that what Sauron said in LOTR? Evil types think alike. She appears not to like White folk, think she'll be put on a Hate Site list?
amici finishes his post strongly, calling on the spirit of patron saint, David Duke:

Originally Posted by David Duke View Post
So, I say again, protect our borders all over the European world.Compensate and repatriate non-Europeans.
Preserve our heritage.
But, if you focus on the Muslim problem rather the Jewish extremist one, you will be completely defeated because you will not be fighting the real enemy. You will be only fighting the effect and not the cause, so the enemy can continue to make effect after effect until they destroy us, and this is exactly what they have done.
The truth is that as long as Muslims in other countries respect our sovereignty and our borders we can respect them.
All over the White world, there is but one reason why we face a crisis of existence, Jewish Supremacism.
If we defeat Jewish Supremacism in our own homelands, the rest will be easy.We don't defeat Jewish Supremacism we will continue to be wiped off the earth. It is that simple. I hope it becomes as natural for our people to understand this as to breathe!
David Duke, answer your phone: it's Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on line #2. More posters want in on this action. Next AZDane chips in:
Odin's Cross? That's a new one by me.

It tickles me pink that the Jews are afraid of white people awakening and remembering Odin. Bwahaha, let them quake in their orthopedic shoes.
All over Lizardom, fists are shaken in the sky at the failure of the Zionist Entity to deliver the checks on time. Tears are then wiped away as thousands of lizards are forced to the realization: there will be NO orthopedic shoes in their stockings this Christmas.

Messiah then adds his review of LGF:
Yes, LGF is quite the pile of turds.
Hey! That's where the Lizard Lounge is, buddy! Wizard Cat hints a dark fate may be in store for the Leader of the Jewhad.
Isn't the spleen an unnecessary organ?
Hey! OSOZ was our Blog of the Week last month! Hey wait...BabbaZee's on our masthead. Semi-threatened by Nazi/KKK-types? How exciting.

Pat the Mick waxes philosophic to soften the tone:
It seems to me to be a perfectly acceptable tactic to seek to join more centrist groups and work from within to convert them into useful tools for the movement and isn't that what the Left did in the sixties?

The means of political advancement for any cause is well fertilized with deceit and treachery. If we use the enemies tactics against him/her shouldn't they be honored that we thought enough of the idea to more or less steal it?
What the white rights groups have to do is use the E.O.C. and civil rights laws to further the proposition that we deserve equal opportunity until we are back in control of our lives and then take steps to gaurentee that all opportunity is offered in an unbiased manner to everyone in the future, I know I don't speak for everyone here but I'm willing to compete fairly with anybody and I have enough faith in white folks superior character and ability to risk a loss of jobs or education to the more gifted individual, however if they continue to discriminate against us they should relise that they are facing a resourseful and cunning adversary who has the strength and political muscle to combat injustice with an ability they have not even awakened yet!
The Nazis are coming? Or are they Neo-Nazis? Or both? Maybe to perform a spleen-a-nectomy on Babba. I'm thinking more Neo-Nazis.

Babba's response to all this? Typical BZ:
I got me a Crackertwa
pyscho Jewess
Ques Ques Se
BETTAH run run run
run run run
Who knew Renegade Jewtian Prophetesses could sing?

We have some helpful advice for the Storm Front: breathe deeply. Think some cool thoughts. Close your eyes and think of warm sandy beaches. If you think about it, you'll take our advice.

I mean, it's hard to goose-step with your panties in a bunch.

by Mondoreb
[hat tip: Renegade Jewtian Prophetess]
{NOTE: Both Parts of Babba's Neo-Nazi saga are at Outraged Spleen of Zion.
They're also over at LGF.
They'll both be up here in the next 24 hours; we've been in and out and we'll be in then. As my mom used to say, "I've only got two hands!"


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