Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Now is DeWinter of Our Discontent

[NOTE: This is Part 1 of BabbaZee's eye-opening examination of the penetration of European mainstream political parties by White Supremacists and Neo-Nazis. Taking a page out of the Communist playbook, the Extreme Right has made gains in "conquering from within. And BZ nails them, despite their denials. First of a three-part series.]


Who is Filip DeWinter, and Why should you care?
Click here for a brief history,

What is that Odin's cross doing on his shelf at the end of the video, I asked myself? I know when I see it that is only used by two groups of people, Neo-Pagans and White Power groups. This is not an old clip, this is very recent.

That statue is in his HOME, on his shelf. IN HIS HOME.

The camera lingers on it intentionally.

This statue on his shelf in his personal study is symbolic of who he is.
There are not lots of knickknacks there, he is not a collector, there is only this one item.
Because it is of monumental import to him personally and he cherishes it.Filip DeWinter was born in Flanders on 11 September 1962 as Philip DeWinter.

To appear "more Flemish" he later changes the spelling of his first name to Filip.

The former president of the Flemish Socialists, Franck Vandenbroucke, will say of him:
"DeWinter is an authentic Nazi" and Louis Tobbak, former minister SP of the Interior, will add: DeWinter is "a psychopath" (quotations extracted the book "Vlaams Blok" by Hugo Gijsels, 1994)

At the end of the seventies DeWinter joins the Jongerenfront or young people front, the Flemish version of the Front de la Jeunesse .

Jongerenfront is at that time in Flanders allied with the Face of Youth (FJ), a group of neo fascist students related to the CEPIC .


Whoops, looks like he got busted practicing white mans taqiyya there...

Here's a nice picture of him from his Jongerenfront days, who does he remind you of here?

Here is the entire Dutch documentary with French subtitles on Vlaams Belang's Nazi connections that the clip above is extracted from. Even with out a translation the images are revealing and edifying.
Some of the language is intelligible too, even with my American ear. I am working on getting an English transcript for it:

To read the rest of the story, Click Here: Now is DeWinter of Our Discontent
at The Outraged Spleen of Zion
by BabbaZee
[NOTE: Babba's attracted the attention of some White Supremacists shortly after this first part was released. Part Two will be up here at DBKP shortly.]


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