Sunday, December 9, 2007

Canadian Town Shocked by American's Reaction to Shopping Ad

Crossing the Canadian Border into America?

The residents of metro Detroit felt the Canadians from Leamington were taking potshots at them when they read an ad put out by the Uptown Leamington Business Improvement Association. In turn the Canadians were stunned and wondered if the Americans were thin skinned and lacked a sense of humor.
Some metro Detroit residents are seeing red because a small Canadian town known as the Tomato Capital of the World is slamming Detroit and the United States ina marketing campaign to keep Canadian shoppers from crossing the border.

The Uptown Leamington Business Improvement Association sent a list last month to 14,000 households in the town of 30,000 and the surrounding area detailing why Leamington -- with 200 unique shops -- is a better place to shop than southeast Michigan.
A look at what's on the list

1. Uptown Leamington has over 200 unique shops, restaurants and other attractions, takes your loonies and has the best service in North America.

2. With the gas and time you'll save, why risk it in a crazy foreign country?

3. Being strip searched at customs should not be part of your holiday shopping tradition.

4. No need to wear that new gown under your sweats coming back over the Ambassador.

5. American cashiers keep asking what Helen Mirren is doing on the Canadian twenty.

6. U.S. stores sooner ship to Guam than Essex County.

7. If you're going to downtown Detroit and you speak English ... good luck.

8. If you're going to downtown Detroit and you speak French ... good luck.

9. Distance from parking spaces to Somerset Mall entrance farther than your house to
10. U.S. Customs won't believe you are picking up Aunt Elsie at the airport for the third time this week.

Source: Uptown Leamington Business Improvement Association
Melanie Davis, president of the Macomb County Chamber of Commerce, took the high road while she had harsh words for the Tomato Capital of the World:
I would like to think that I could come up with some reasons to shop somewhere without having to take potshots at another community."

Hopefully the two communities will be able to "rise above" the current crisis and reach some sort of holiday "truce."
In the interim, we wondered, what language do they speak in downtown Detroit?

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Source - Detroit Free Press - Bigger, Better!.
Death by 1000 Papercuts Front Page

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