Friday, December 14, 2007

Fred Thompson Kentucky Leadership Team Announced

While the press continues its dalliance with the "next big thing", Mike Huckabee, Senator Fred Thompson quietly continues to put the pieces together.

Headed by a Congressman, Jamie Comer, and a State Senator, Julie Denton, Fred Thompson's presidential campaign announced their Kentucky leadership team today.

The group included 5 State Senators and the majority of the Kentucky Republican State Representatives, including the Majority Whip, Carroll Gibson and the House Minority Leader Jeff Hoover.

The Kentucky crew put together by the Thompson campaign is impressive. It counters those reporters who still think the story of Thompson's presidential run is that the Senator and his campaign are "lazy".

As we noted yesterday, this is one more brick in the Fred Thompson for President wall.


The Fred Thompson Campaign today announced its Kentucky leadership team, spearheaded by Representative Jamie Comer (R-Tompkinsville) and State Senator Julie Denton (R- Jefferson).

The esteemed group of legislators includes five Kentucky State Senators and the majority of Kentucky Republican State Representatives, including Senate Majority Whip Carroll Gibson and House Minority Leader Jeff Hoover.

Representative Jamie Comer, a farmer and businessman, will serve as the Kentucky Executive Director of the Fred Thompson campaign. Representative Comer is currently serving his fourth term in the Kentucky House of Representatives. "I am proud to serve as the Kentucky Executive Director of Fred Thompson's presidential campaign, said Representative Comer. "He is exactly the kind of consistent conservative leader our country needs from his pro-life voting record to his strong positions against illegal immigration."

State Senator Julie Denton, a former small business owner, will serve as the Kentucky Women for Thompson Chair. Senator Denton currently is the Chairman of the Kentucky Senate Health and Welfare Committee and the Vice-Chairman of the Kentucky Senate Banking and Insurance Committee. She said, "I am proud to chair the Kentucky Women for Thompson coalition. His consistent support for small businesses through smaller government and lower taxes affirm that Fred Thompson is exactly the right man for the White House."

"I am grateful to have such strong support from my fellow Southern friends", said Senator Fred Thompson. "The strong support of these distinguished legislators will help lead me to victory in the Kentucky primary and in the Republican nomination for the presidency of the United States."

The Kentucky leadership team includes five State Senators and twenty State Representatives who will serve as Kentucky State Co-Chairs. These distinguished leaders are:

State Senator Carroll Gibson

State Senator Julie Denton

State Senator Gary Tapp

State Senator Elizabeth Tori

State Senator Richard "Dick" Roeding

State Representative Sheldon Baugh (Russellville)

State Representative Kevin Bratcher (Louisville)

State Representative James Comer (Tompkinsville)

State Representative Tim Couch (Hyden)

State Representative Ron Crimm (Louisville)

State Representative Jim DeCesare (Bowling Green)

State Representative Myron Dossett (Pembroke)

State Representative C.B. Embry (Morgantown)

State Representative Bill Farmer (Lexington)

State Representative Danny Ford (Mt. Vernon)

State Representative Jeff Hoover (Jamestown)

State Representative Russ Mobley (Campbellsville)

State Representative Brad Montell (Shelbyville)

State Representative Lonnie Napier (Lancaster)

State Representative Marie Rader (McKee)

State Representative Steven Rudy (West Paducah)

State Representative Charles Siler (Williamsburg)

State Representative Tommy Turner (Somerset)

State Representative Ken Upchurch (Monticello)

State Representative John Vincent (Ashland)

by Mondoreb
[images: usembassy;msnbc]
Sources: Thompson Announces Kentucky Leadership


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