Wednesday, December 12, 2007

NBC Generates 'Schlock and Awww'

30 Rockefeller Plaza--headquarters of NBC-- was the scene of shlock and "Awww!" earlier this month.

NBC's schlock--the network initially refused to air a "Salute to the Troops"--and a collective "Awwww" by NBC when it was realized a sizable portion of their audience and others were shocked and upset at their decision.

NBC's initial refusal to air Freedom Watch's 'Salute to the Troops' only highlighted the perception problems surrounding the network known in some quarters as "Nothing But Crap".

NBC quietly announced this week that it was refunding an average of $500,000 per advertiser for failing to hit minimum ratings in their contracts. The unprecedented move, along with MSNBC's perennial basement-dwelling status in both the ratings and the evening TV watching habits of Americans, has generated some other calls--for NBC parent, General Electric, to either fix the low performing network or dump it.

NBC earlier had announced that it had reconsidered airing the MAF tribute.

The cartoon above, Red Planet Cartoons' "NBC Strikes Again", graphically illustrates some reasons why NBC has alienated large segments of the once-robust network's viewers.

Red Planet has gathered some interesting information on the NBC lawyer who refused the FW spot.
The NBC lawyer who refused to allow a non-profit group to air an advertisement thanking American troops for their service has donated at least $45,000 to a host of Congressional Democrats, including House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, New York Senator Hillary Clinton and the campaign committees of House and Senate Democrats, research by the Majority Accountability Project has found.

Red Planet also has an amusing quote from NBC's Brian Williams, as well as featuring "The Worst Liberal Bumper Stickers".

Get the whole package at RP's "NBC Strikes Again".

"Nothing But Crap" is what viewers, advertisers and, perhaps soon, stockholders believe.

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