Tuesday, January 15, 2008

And if I Die Before I Wake

I'll Not Be a Gentleman Down By the Cement Pond

Make up your mind

Decide to walk with me

Around the lake tonight

Around the lake tonight

By my side

By my side

I'm not gonna lie

I'll not be a gentleman

Behind the boathouse

I'll show you my dark secret

- - / - -

August of 1996.

The Toadies.

Possum Kingdom.

And images of Beverly Hills, Jed Clampett, and mystic nights spent down by the Cement Pond.

And poor Mrs. Drysdale.

Way back.

Back in the hormonalistic days of youth.

And, of course, I'll not be a gentleman.

by Mondoreb

[image: rubberneckin]
* Made of High-durable Plastic
* Wikipedia - Toadies
* Lyrics: Possum Kingdom


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