Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Tourist Pamphlet Ruined by Nose Picking Girl

The council's pamphlet has everything to attract tourist to their local landmark: a nice day, blue skies, plenty of trees, local children having fun on Easter--and a young girl picking her nose.

The flier was printed to help attract outsiders to the woodsy beauty of Thorton Walks--"a 12-mile footpath network in Suffolk".

This has at least one of the town father sniffing.
Andrew Stringer, a Green councillor, says that "it does not represent our youth in the best light" and wants the "amateurish" pamphlet to be withdrawn.
But one local spokesman couldn't seem to make up his mind whether he liked it or not.
A Mid Suffolk District Council spokesman admitted: "It's not the best photograph", but added: "They wanted a real picture, not a typical staged one.

"It's a real picture and shows children in their Easter outfits."

The council has already spent the money and had the pamphlet, entitled "Events at Thornham 2008", printed. It seems a shame for it to go to waste.

Maybe they could just change the title.


As pat said, "It was an egg hunt".

by Mondoreb
[image: Telegraph]
Source: Tourist pamphlet spoilt by nose picking girl


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