Saturday, January 19, 2008

Anti Olmert Sentiment "Strong But Silent"

Ehud Olmert Must Go Pix

We thought we'd visit a favorite blog of ours, BARBARA'S TCHATZKAHS.

Now, Barbara is very LIBERAL, but we have such a soft spot for her because she is also very vocally "free speech". She also always has a funny "Olmert Resign" photo at the very top of her blog and we wanted to see her latest find.

She didn't disappoint.

There was a nice "Olmert Resign" button along with another saying "Bring Back Golda". Then we started looking for other photoshops in the the same vein to put together a little spoof-a-rama.

Then we tasted bitter disappointment.

We've heard various calls for the resignation of the Israeli Prime Minister, so we assumed he would be heavily photoshopped. Maybe the anti-Olmert campaign was "strong but silent", at least in the photoshop sense of the word.

Olmert seems to be, for some reason, anti-photoshop-able. We persevered, but after an hour of Google Searching, we only found three more.

So maybe we'll start a trend.

A nice one of Madonna with the "boys".

Separated at birth?

And lastly, an attitude I don't hear expressed much where I hang--that Olmert is too tough?!?

Like we said, maybe we'll start a trend.

by Mondoreb
* greatworm
* onejerusalem
* norman finkelstein
* Bring Back Golda


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