Saturday, January 5, 2008

Hillary Clinton: Down, But Not Out

Hillary was beaten in Iowa, but like Dracula, she'll rise again

The New York Post has an Op-Ed by DICK MORRIS & EILEEN MCGANN, 'Analyzing Iowa'. Here's what they had to say about Hillary Clinton's performance.

WARNING TO CLINTONITES: It's not very complimentary.

But what of Hillary Clinton? She's down but not out. In the first really contested election of her own political career, she lost dismally - outclassed, outdrawn and outpolled by Obama.

Her campaign professionals (including Bill) decided to stress experience, precisely the wrong message in a Democratic primary. Prematurely appealing to the center and abandoning the left, she fell between two chairs - not sufficiently centrist to win independents or liberal enough to attract Democrats.

The Post's duo of Morris and McGann make this observation about Democratic winner, Barack Obama.

"...Obama - by winning in a totally white state - shows that racism is gone as a factor in American politics."

We agree that racism isn't the over-riding force it's made out to be, especially on the Left--where there's a racist chicken in every racist's pot and a racist car in every racist's garage.

We hate to cross political analysis swords with Dick Morris et. al., but we think what the Iowa Democrat results showed was much more simple.

Obama had the singular advantage of being neither Clinton nor Edwards.

Whether this enough to carry the junior Senator from Illinois to victory in the Democrat tussle, we'll see.

Morris and McGann go on to say:
The Obama win last night probably presages another in New Hampshire and follow-up victories in Nevada and South Carolina. (Clinton will carry Michigan: She's alone on the ballot).

So Hillary's argument that her record of defeating the "Republican attack machine" means she should be the candidate will backfire. Sold as a winner, she's exposed as a loser. The Iowa overhang will dog her for all the early primaries.

Hillary faces a serious problem: Voters rejected her and rejected Bill on a very personal basis. Iowa was a referendum on her, and she lost 30 percent to 70 percent. Her argument of experience only reinforced her phoniness and her issues-positioning showed how contrived her ideology is. This is a stinging personal defeat for Sen. Clinton.

There are items we disagree with in the Post's assessment.

However, we don't disagree with RidesAPaleHorse: Clinton is down, but not out.

by Mondoreb & RidesAPaleHorse
[image: RAPH]
* Analyzing Iowa: Two Historic Victories


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