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Huckabee: Stars and Planets Align for Presidential Win?

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Now that the Iowa Caucus is over we thought we'd put together a more "concise" astrological reading on the winners, Mike Huckabee and Barack Obama.

Today it's Huckabee's turn to be "astrologisized."

Considered "unscientific," astrology is considered "the oldest science known to humankind".

According to

"Astrology is the study of the interactions among the Stars and the Planets, based on intricate mathematical cycles. "

Contrary to its stereotype as "New Age," astrology is a science that predates both astrology and psychology. The earliest astrological records date back to 1645 BC in Babylon.

Some might argue that astrology is an "art" instead of a science yet both Copernicus and Galileo were practicing astrologers.

From Nancy's Blog:

Mike Huckabee, folksy Christian leader and the new darling of the hyper-religious right-wing base, has recently surged in the polls. I attribute this to transiting Pluto currently trine his Venus/Mars/progressed Pluto conjunction (28 Leo) from November 2 through December 21. In addition, transiting Jupiter is trine his Sun (01 Virgo) for a few days through December 22. With transiting Mars (28 Gemini) sextile this same Venus/Mars/Pluto combination during the first 5 days of January, it seems likely he will win the January 3 Iowa caucus. His next big bump comes from the Mars station January 22 to February 7 conjunct his South Node/converse progressed Venus conjunction (23Gemini55), and helping him substantially in numerous primaries. Following this potential bonanza, Jupiter (13 Capricorn) will move to sesquiquadrate the Mars/Venus/progressed Pluto configuration from February 12 to February 20, suggesting he is extremely happy and surrounded by adoring crowds during that period. His chances for actually winning the GOP nomination are quite good. Source - Nancy's Blog

From Wandering Star:
Huckabee's Jupiter in Leo is exceptionally significant in his natal chart with its close square to Saturn in Scorpio. In the religious sense, it's about knowing the difference between living faith and dead ritual. In the current campaign, Huckabee has gone from no hope (Saturn) to potential winner (Jupiter). Next week, Jupiter enters Capricorn and trines his Virgo Sun just before the Iowa caucus on January 3, a very promising sign.

In terms of his connection with the American people, his progressed Jupiter at 25ยบ Leo opposes the U.S. Moon**, so that he taps into the religious faction, including the 40 percent of Iowa Republicans who call themselves evangelicals. As transiting Jupiter moves deeper into Capricorn, Huckabee's strength will probably wane, unless he can broaden his appeal. However, with Pluto entering Capricorn and trining his Sun, he may remain as a power-broker within the GOP, a king-maker representing the religious right.Source - Wandering Star

From Acumind:

Uranus sesqu'ed itself on Dec 16, sure to bring something he hadn't expected, while Jupiter inconjuncts Uranus at the same time, a little 'chiropractic adjustment' to steer his forces in the right direction. By the end of December, Jupiter trines the Sun, bringing a happy incident, and then goes into the 5th house at the end of the year, leading the way for Pluto to shortly follow and trine his sun as well.....power smiling upon hiim. Getting out of the 4th house will be a relief, as any major planet going thru a cardinal house (1-4-7-10) is always a more evolutionary time.

As January of 2008 dawns, and with it the Iowa caucus, Uranus does a mutual reception, and inconjuncts Jupiter, repaying the compliment of Jupiter to Uranus in December. Uranus is something sudden and Jupiter is usually good fortune of some kind. At the same time Uranus trines Saturn at the beginning of the year, showing a balance between structure and liberation. As the new year dawns, Pluto is still trining the Sun, but Neptune squares the moon on Jan 20th - this could have something to do with women not taking lightly his 'women should be subservient to the man" type comments....not in the U.S., with Uranus (liberation and freedom) in the first house, and the Moon (populace) in Aquarius (which Uranus rules) in the 10th house......those words could be fightin' words! Source - Acumind

Vedic Astrology Forecast

There is the same vedha from the candidate’s Jupiter to the USA Moon, and for Huckabee there is a triple ray from Ven, Mars, Sun to the USA Ketu in the coronation nakshatra. There is a tenuous link of Ketu to USA Saturn. There is a Moon-Saturn combination of Huckabee’s stuck onto the USA Ascendant and sending piercing rays straight across to the USA Moon. This chart of Huckabee’s however has nothing in the central alleys of the screaming letters, as there are no planets in the padas bordering the corners. Huckabee may be a corrective for the more strident Giuliani, and a way to X out Romney, but in the long run he probably will not, judging from Sarvatobhadra Chakra, be a lasting factor in the nomination contest. The ray from USA Ketu will undercut Huckabee’s Sun-Mars-Venus group in Magha that gives him his basic character force.

Source - Council of Vedic Astrology

There you have it, several interpretations of Mike Huckabee's astrology as it relates to the 2008 Presidential election.

In summary, the astrologers seem to infer that while Huckabee's "meteoric" rise in the polls and win in the Iowa primaries may last a little while longer, Huckabee's placement of signs and planets, ascendants and whatever else they use, points to Huckabee's popularity eventually waning.


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