Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Mix-and-Match John McCain's Ever-Shifting Stand on the Issues

McCain: In His Own Words

Straight Talk--or Else!

Those who have followed John McCain's political career have noticed the number of times the Senator has "misspoke", "been misquoted" or "been taken out of context". This does happen to any public figure, but in McCain's case, the number of times this happens is approached perhaps only by the Clintons.

So that we can't be accused of a "hit piece", we'll let John McCain's own words do most of the talking in this post.

An outstanding two minute documentation of John McCain's stand on basic issues. These are not hair-splitting issues, these are basic, fundamental ways a person thinks.

Apparently, the way John McCain thinks depends on the reaction he thinks he'll get.

As such, his principles are up for debate--sometimes in a matter of seconds.

Here he changes his position on Iraq in 47 seconds.

Next, on Ethics Reform.

The arrogance of the Arizona Senator shows through in this soundbite, as he states "we will have to determine which conservative groups are legitimate".

Apparently, those who agree with John McCain stand a much better chance of obtaining his blessing for legitimacy.

Although we agree with John McCain's foreign policy--at least what he says he says his foreign policy is at the moment--we also think that John McCain is foremost and first, a politician.

McCain's record on the pro-life issue is no more clear than on the issues above.

And, as always when talking about McCain, his sheer arrogance when talking of those who disagree with him is breath-taking.

Whether the issue is abortion or last summer's immigration debate, when you disagree with John McCain on principles, he assumes that you--like himself--doesn't have any that aren't up for negotiation or discussion. Any disagreement is portrayed as either a calculated decision or racially motivated.

But what's his stand on wildlife?

If you don't like McCain's stand on an issue, wait awhile.

It's sure to change.

Paraphrasing what Joe Biden said about Rudy Giuliani, ""There's only three things he mentions in a sentence: a noun, and a verb and when he was a prisoner of war".

And if the reader thinks that this is an unkind assessment, here is his statement today on Roe v. Wade' anniversary.
"I join you today in marking the 35th anniversary of the tragic Roe vs. Wade decision made on January 22, 1973. I salute you for taking the time to show that the cause of Life is alive and well in the hearts of millions of Americans.

As a prisoner of war at the hands of a communist dictatorship, I saw firsthand the perils faced when human dignity and human life are not respected."

We could go on--and we may at a later date delve deeper into the Senator's shifting stands on particular issues--but this is enough for now.

As we said, we agree with Senator McCain's foreign policy: he's been steadfast in his support of the War on Terror.

It's just a question of whether that position, like so many others, is open for negotiation when things get tough politically.

by Mondoreb
[image: oldudavaigeorge; blog.kir;
* Statement by Senator John McCain


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