Monday, February 4, 2008

Ann Coulter Endorses Hillary

Tales of the Blancasphere

Recently my gal pal Ann Coulter shocked everyone with her apparent endorsement of Hillary Rodham Clinton. When presented with the all-too-possible match up of Hillary Clinton and John McCain, Ann demonstrated most effectively the right's disdain for the senior senator from Arizona.

Now don't misunderestimate Ann.

She is no dummy. She knows on which side of her bread is buttered.

Ann is what we call in the industry a whore. Whether she is selling her penis cum pussy in a back alley, or her dignity on Fox News, Ann sells herself with every appearance.

Like anyone who markets, Ann understands that when times are a changing, you need to change your product. No one markets buggies anymore.

Well, almost no one.

All those crazy Amish in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, and Wisconsin seem to be stuck in the 19th century. But you get the idea. When an idea is no longer attractive, the savvy, less concerned with integrity will always flip and flop to the changes in the wind.

Ann is just hedging her bets, while applying a bit of reverse psychology. Even if things go poorly, and we end up with Hillary as the President, Ann will have endeared herself to the new Commander Gal, and will have guaranteed herself a position as a talking head for at least four more years.

This is the pragmatic side of Ann Coulter.

You know the side.

It's the same side that is responsible for deriding gays, while hanging out with them all the time. It's the same side that condemns abortion, while promoting the procedure to all of her promiscuous pals. It's the same side, which chides Hollywood and the literary elite, all the while hanging out with stars and glitterati.

But there is also a side to Ann, which is pure genius. She uses reverse psychology to promote her own agenda.

By convincing the Democrats that she will vote for Hillary if John McCain becomes the Republican nominee, this tricks the Democrats into voting for Hillary, a much more flawed candidate, over Barack, a much more difficult to beat candidate. If Democrats think Hillary will win over McCain, they will vote for her, permitting we Republicans to destroy her by November.

So don't be concerned by the reports that Ann has gone over to the other side. She is just being pragmatic, and is trying to use reverse psychology on the Democrats to get the candidate we can beat.

I won't tell if you don't.

by Blanca DeBree
image: blancasphere
Source: Ann Endorses Hillary

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