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Canadian Police Baffled: The Case of the Grisly Right Feet

"Sigh no more, ladies, sigh no more, Men were deceivers, ever, One foot in the sea, and one on shore, To one thing constant never" William Shakespeare

The first two discoveries were made within a week of each other, two men's right feet, still shod in their sneakers, both a size 12, each found on separate islands in the Georgia Strait of Vancouver.

Gabriola Island

The first foot, encased in a white and blue men's runner, was found Aug. 20 last year on Jedidiah Island; the second right foot appeared six days later on Gabriola Island, in a white and black sneaker.Source - The Star
And then there was a third. On Feb. 8, a third right foot was found on Valdes Island, a size 12, shod in a sneaker.

West Side of Jedidiah Island

No matches were found when DNA testing was run on the first two feet. The third foot is now undergoing testing. The police are treating all three feet as separate investigations. If all three feet belonged to men who died under separate unrelated circumstances, assuming they are, in fact, deceased, the odds would be astronomical.

Deputy Chief Jeff Dolan said that while finding unidentified human remains is not unusual, the circumstances surrounding the three feet are.
"The fact there are three very similar sets of remains uncovered from one particular waterway is not something we've seen before," said Dolan yesterday. "We're not ruling anything out at this point." Source - The Province
Nanaimo coroner Dave Sherstone said it could prove to be impossible to find out where the three feet originated from or how the men lost their feet:
He said it's impossible to say where the feet may have originated or if they came from a single source such as an accident. "It's all current and tidal action, it could come from anywhere," he said. "The reason these things come to the surface is they float."

The Georgia Strait, between the mainland of British Columbia and Vancouver Island, is 150 miles long and forms part of the inland steamship passage to Alaska.

According to the Georgia Strait Alliance:
Every year, thousands of freighters ply the waters of the Strait of Juan de Fuca, headed for Vancouver, Seattle, or one of the many industrial installations on Puget Sound and the Strait of Georgia. These ships carry all manner of materials in addition to fuel and lubricating oils.
The Alliance writes about shipping accidents and how they are common:
November 23, 2003: the Black Dragon, the same rusty freezer/packer ship that had carried illegal immigrants from China to Vancouver Island’s west coast in 1999, sunk while under tow off Cadboro Point.
The area around the islands is popular for kayaking. One kayaker writes about the Strait, warning that one must be experienced before heading out into the Strait:
Do not even go to the outside of Valdes into the Georgia Strait until you have gained considerable experience paddling in windy conditions. If you are passing by any of these aforementioned passes, give them a wide berth if you are going past theme specially at full tidal flow because they could easily suck you right through them. Going with a 10 knot tide is very scary as you might be thrown into a rock or hit a kelp forest at speed and crash into the cold. If you master this area, you are ready to go further north or south, or into the San Juans, or out to the Pacific side of the big island to learn more sea skills. Once my family and I were fighting our way against a 3-4 mile per hour tide back into the inside of Valdes at Gabriola and a tugboat came through pulling hundreds of trees logged off Valdes by the Indians. Thrilling but tense. Source - Spokane Outdoors
Other than shipping and boating accidents or the kayakers that inhabit the area there is also the specter of a serial killer, one whose victims seem to be men with size 12 feet and a penchant for wearing sneakers.

That's if, the men, are indeed, dead.

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Image - Jedidiah Island
Image - Gabriola Island
Source - The Province


Death by 1000 Papercuts Front Page.
Source - The Star

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