Tuesday, February 19, 2008

DBKP to Ask FBI to Probe Threats on CAIR Hate Site

"They [Council on American Islamic Relations--CAIR] have already been named as unindicted co-conspirators in one terror case. It should surprise no one that we consider them a threat."

--Mondoreb, DBKP

Death by 1000 Papercuts (DBKP) will ask the Washington office of the FBI tomorrow to investigate apparent threats against Israel posted on an anti-LGF Internet hate site.

DBKP is going to ask the FBI to probe what it sees is a terrorist group posing as a front organization and the threat they pose to both America and Israel.

"They're like a pack of rabid dogs," said DBKP editor Mondoreb, "If you saw a pack of wild rabid dogs filing suits and threatening people, you'd call the FBI too."

"DBKP will call the FBI PDQ on CAIR about LGF."

Mondo continued: "Just today on the CAIR website, one of the lead stories was about CAIR delivering 12,000 letters to Congress "calling for an end to Israel."

"CAIR is or was populated with convicted or unindicted terrorists," said DBKP's RidesAPaleHorse.

"We think having terrorist connections is a sign of hate."

From today's CAIR website:
CAIR said today it has collected and is delivering to Congress more than 12,000 letters calling for an end to Israel's "collective punishment" of Palestinian civilians in the Gaza Strip.

The DBKP threat to call the FBI came as a response to CAIR's calls to the FBI to investigate what CAIR felt were threatening comments on anti-Jihad website, Little Green Footballs.

Ginn: You can't mess around with these CAIR guys"

"We were immediately going to contact the FBI when we saw the CAIR press release, but then we figured, the FBI has already investigated them and found connections to terrorists," said DBKP's Ginn.

"What's good's another call today? The FBI's probably already a ton of surveillance on CAIR already and another ton would just be overkill."

"So we'll call tomorrow."

Mondo continued that it was not only the CAIR website that prompted DBKP's action: an Internet photo that showed CAIR officials also had DBKP staff worried.

They (CAIR) "appeared foreign-looking in some pictures."
The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) today asked the St. Louis, Mo., office of the FBI to investigate apparent threats against a local mosque posted on an anti-Muslim Internet hate site.

Because of similar bias-related incidents and lawsuits by CAIR nationwide, DBKP is urging conservative individuals and institutions to review security procedures using advice contained in its "Conservative Community Safety Kit."

The kit should be ready for "worldwide Internet distribution later this week", commented Ginn.

"We're treating this CAIR business like a serious threat."

"This whole CAIR thing just creeps me out."

by Mondoreb
from DBKP staff reports
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