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Has Poor Cap'n Ed Jumped the Shark?

John McCain is no Friend of Conservatives

Poor Captain Ed Morrissey.

One almost hates to disagree with the helmsmen over at The Captain's Quarters. But he seems to be a bit out-of-sorts over a remark that commentator/polemicist Ann Coulter made this week.

The remark concerned John McCain and Hillary Clinton. Coulter said that she would campaign for Clinton if McCain won the Republican nomination.

Exact words and context from Fox's Hannity & Colmes.

This was too much for the good Captain.
So let's walk through the logic here. John McCain gets castigated by Coulter because he aligns himself too often with the Democrats. Her solution to that is --- to campaign for the Democrats? Maybe someone can explain the thought process to me, but it sounds like a hysterical demand for extortion rather than a considered and thoughtful political position.

Can someone explain the thought process to the poor Captain?

Well, sure, it can be easily explained.

It's doubtful if the Captain will agree with that thought process, but let's take a look at what DBKP said 2 days ago in McCain's Double Talk Tango.
Global warming? Illegal immigrants? Tax cuts? Free Speech?

John McCain comes down--and comes down hard--on the side of liberals on every one of the above issues.

With a GOP nominee like McCain, who needs Democrats?

In fact, on almost every issue, John McCain and Hillary Clinton are virtually in perfect, harmonious agreement.

One of the few differences is what to label people who oppose them: where Clinton thinks that those who disagree with her are part of a "vast right-wing conspiracy", McCain thinks they are "racists", "dishonorable", or "dishonest".

Now, what's so hard to understand about conservative disdain for McCain, Captain Ed?

Clinton or McCain?

One could call McCain "Clinton Lite". But that would be making too great a distinction between the two.

God deliver us from having to make the choice between an arrogant, liberal-leaning Senator who lies, backtracks and launches personal attacks on disagreeing conservative opponents and--an arrogant, liberal-leaning Senator who lies, backtracks and launches personal attacks on disagreeing conservative opponents.

If the Captain would like to check back later today, he'll find an article chock-full of McCain's arrogant, sneering attacks on conservatives over the past several years.

But one suspects The Captain is beyond the forces of reason on this particular topic.

Apparently, if you have an "R" beside your name on the ballot, that trumps all for the Captain.

That "R" gives you the same sort of free pass that liberal mouthpieces like the NY Times and Washington Post give most Democrats--and McCain.

Screw all that.

One last shot from Captain Ed.
It appears Coulter hates McCain more than she cares about conservative values. She has acquired McCain Derangement Syndrome, and is rather obviously unbalanced by it. Sean Hannity was clearly embarrassed to listen to this tirade, and Coulter should have been embarrassed to have indulged in it.

What's embarrassing about the truth?

It's not McCain Derangement Syndrome to look at McCain's record and recoil.

The Good Cap'n. might be a Republican first, and a conservative second, but there's plenty of others who will just as soon watch that sad ship depart without them.

It might be argued that perhaps McCain might appoint a better quality of judges than Clinton.


With John McCain, you never know.



By the time the liberal press starts up its tired, highly-inaccurate "maverick" articles about John McCain, who know?

Cindy Sheehan might be the first McCain Supreme Court nominee.

Cares about conservative values?

John McCain is first and foremost a politician. Tops in the McCain value system is John McCain.

If John McCain is the Republican nominee, expect the liberal press to drop its protective McCain stance and start publishing mounds of material on the Arizona Senator and his web of cozy lobbyist relationships.

They might be his buddies in the primaries, but they'll rightly figure: Why support McCain when Clinton's available? John McCain is just an interestingly acceptable consolation prize for the liberal MSM media.

Coulter articulated what's going to be a popular parlor game come September, if McCain is the nominee with the "R" by his name:

Can John McCain woo more independents and Democrats than the conservatives he alienates?

The correct answer: who cares?

Coulter is right, McCain or Clinton is a choice that only Keith Olbermann--or apparently, Ed Morrissey--could enthusiastically differentiate between.

An increasing number of people will come to the conclusion that if Clinton wins, at least conservatives won't be held responsible for the liberal aftermath.

The only thing that can save the Republicans is that McCain is considered by the MSM to be "unstoppable".

Has Ann Coulter jumped the shark?

One wonders if Captain Ed Morrissey's water skis aren't already waxed and ready?

by Mondoreb
images: istock; wikipedia
* Has Ann Coulter Finally Jumped the Shark
* John McCain's Double Talk Tango
[NOTE: We agree with Ed Morrissey much more than we ever disagree with him on almost every subject. However, this particular one--and the McCain "R" Fetish--is a particular sore spot with us.]


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