Friday, February 1, 2008

Rio Judge Rules Hitler and "Holocaust" Carnival Theme Must Go

The Carnival in Rio will go on this year sans Hitler and the float of "emaciated corpses" from the Holocaust entitled "It Gives You Goose Bumps."
A judge Thursday blocked a carnaval float meant to show that the Holocaust "gives you goose bumps."

Viradouro, the top Rio samba group responsible for the float, said it was designed to remind carnaval-goers of past horrors to prevent them from happening again.

But Jewish leaders were outraged. The Jewish Federation of Rio de Janeiro sued under federal laws prohibiting Nazi propaganda and racism in Brazil, said Lara Voges, a court spokeswoman.

"It's inadmissible that they could have a parade float depicting dead Jews and a live Hitler on top of them," said federation spokesman Jose Roitberg.

Rio de Janeiro state Judge Juliana Kalichszteim called Viradouro's plans a "clear trivialization of barbaric events."

Not exactly known as a chaste and somber celebration, the annual Rio Carnival features thousands of dancers and drummers competing for top prize in the "competition," an 80 minute parade.

Twelve "top tier" groups choose with their own "theme," complete with float, costumes and music.

Last year's winner was the float, Beija Flor, whose theme was the hummingbird:
Rio carnival Sambha dance results are out the winners this year were 5th last year. They are none other than the Beija Flor samba group. They won their 10th carnival championship Wednesday, taking home top honors for a colorful performance in a float representing the humming bird. The giant gilded hummingbird had leaping impalas and dancers in elephant and giraffe suits. Source - America Zoom
We're not sure how the Viradouro group thought its Holocaust theme and dancing Hitler would be fit into the Carnival themes of multi-colored barely dressed swaying bodies cavorting down the street.

The Judge ruled it was barbaric and we agree.

This type of behavior trivializes Hitler and the Holocaust where millions were tortured and murdered.

We'd be interested to know the real reason behind the theme of the float. Trivialization is just another way to denigrate a memory, to lessen its impact.

Hitler and Holocaust need to remain where they belong. In the past, not on some float in the middle of the Rio Carnival.


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